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One of my goals for this website is not only to provide you with great information but, if you find you have the need for one-on-one assistance, Straighten-Up-Now.com wants to help you find assistance in your area.

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Create a Space, L.L.C.
Owner: Rhonda Fink
Goal: Rhonda Fink, Create a Space LLC, offers creative storage and organizing solutions for your home and home office needs. She will help you achieve your goals of becoming better organized.
Phone: 262-432-5822
Web Site: www.casOrganize.com
E-Mail: rhonda@casOrganize.com


Straighten-Up Organizing
Owner: Nancy Rothwell
Goal: Nancy Rothwell of Straighten-Up Organizing is trained to find the best solutions for your organizing dilemmas. Her knowledge, motivation and hand's on guidance has proven to be beneficial to her clients. She is there every step of the way finding solutions for her clients. She organizes any area her clients need help with.
Phone: 715-831-2119
Web Site: www.straighten-up.net
E-Mail: straightenup@charter.net


The Organized Space
Owner: Melissa Geittmann
Goal: Melissa Geittmann of The Organized Space practices "Everything in it's place" philosophy. Melissa will help clients achieve that with the utmost integrity.
Phone: 414-426-5593
Web Site: www.the-organized-space.com
E-Mail: melissa.geittmann@yahoo.com


Stuff 2b Organized, L.L.C.
Owner: Paula Constable
Goal: Paula Constable of Stuff 2b Organized works with families who want to make their daily lives easier and less stressful. She helps organize your stuff, time, and activities to get the household in order.
Phone: 920-728-1928
Web Site: www.Stuff2bOrganized.com
E-Mail: paula@Stuff2bOrganized.com


Helpful Hands 4U, L.L.C.
Owner: Diane Hughes
Goal: Diane Hughes of Helpful Hands 4U, LLC would like to help you create organized simplicity for your home or small office.
Phone: 608-238-1406
Web Site: www.helpfulhands4u.com
E-Mail: dhhands@sbcglobal.com

Primo Solutions
Owner: Dannie Jaeger
Goal: Dannie Jaeger of Primo Solutions is passionate about helping people with residential organizing in any room, time management training, speaking, personal coaching, paper flow and photos & crafts.
Phone: 608-320-5216
Web Site: www.theprimosolutions.com
E-Mail: theprimosolutions@gmail.com

Simply Organized
Owner: Jill Annis
Goal: Jill Annis of Simply Organized has been serving the Madison area with integrity and professionalism since 2002. Her mission is to share her gift for organization and expertise with others.
Phone: 608-575-7467
Web Site: www.simplyorganizedwithjill.com
E-Mail: jill@simplyorganizedwithjill.com


Organized Transformations
Owner: Diane Konrath
Goal: Diane Konrath of Organized provides professional organizing services for any area of your life. For your business or your home, She will help you organize your time, space and stuff. Make every moment count with organization.
Phone: 262-271-0099
Web Site: www.organized-transformations.com
E-Mail: diane@organized-transformations.com


Cattail Pond, L.L.C.
Owner: Corrine Allard
Goal: Corrine Allard of Cattail Pond offers home, life & business organizing services to help you filter out the clutter. Services include organizing household & paper clutter, office areas & time management. Project & temporary services are available to businesses as well as web site & marketing consulting, computer training & more. The focus is on efficiency!
Phone: 414-529-4060
Web Site: www.CattailPond.com
E-Mail: Corrine@CattailPond.com

Action Organizing Services®, L.L.C.
Owner: Brenden McDaniel
Goal: Brenden McDaniel of Action Organizing Services®, LLC is the result of Brenden's passion for organizing and his desire to assist others. Brenden has been successful in his profession by working along side clients and providing them with the necessary tools to effectively arrange space and efficiently manage time.
Phone: 414-380-7122
Web Site: www.actionorganizingservices.com
E-Mail: brenden@actionorganizingservices.com


The Organized You
Owner: Rebecca Gerke
Goal: Rebecca Gerke strives to make a difference in your journey of life by enabling you to simplify your life, reach your goals and live well. Residential, home office, and small business coaching and hands-on organizing services.
Phone: 715-749-4211
Web Site: www.TheOrganizedYou.com
E-Mail: Rebecca@TheOrganizedYou.com


All Things Organized, L.L.C.
Owner: Patty VanWilligen
Goal: Patty VanWilligen of All Things Organized offers both residential and business organizing solutions to help others reduce the stress in their lives. Services include consultations, coaching and hands-on organizing. Patty is also available for small group presentations.
Phone: 262-352-4332
Web Site: www.allthingsorganizedwi.com
E-Mail: patty@allthingsorganizedwi.com


Clutter Be Gone, L.L.C.
Owner: Colleen Dennison
Goal: Colleen Dennison of Clutter Be Gone will help you if you are overwhelmed by the clutter in your life. She offers residential and home-based business organization - one room at a time.
Phone: 262-483-9347
Web Site: www.getridofmyclutter.com
E-Mail: info@getridofmyclutter.com


Organizing Your Life the Easy Way
Owner: Jan Hayner
Goal: Jan Hayner, Organizing Your Life the Easy Way, specializes in filing, home, home office and garage organization as well as, records, paper and information management. By being organized, you can work smarter-not harder. You can organize the EASY WAY.
Phone: 920-452-0276
Web Site: www.OrganizingYourLifeTheEasyWay.com
E-Mail: Easy_Organizing@yahoo.com


Bluebird Transitions
Owner: Sarah Streed
Goal: Sarah Streed of Bluebird Transitions understands that transitions in life can be difficult. Whether a loved one has died, or someone in the family is moving into assisted living, or if you simply want to have a more organized life, Sarah specializes in clearing out the house and distributing the contents in a timely, competent and respectful manner.
Phone: 608-239-6919
Web Site: None
E-Mail: smstreed@bluebirdtransitions.com


SimpleSpaces Organizing
Owner: Pam Wedig-Kirsch
Goal: Pam Wedig-Kirsch of SimpleSpaces Organizing helps busy people simplify their homes and lives. She can help you organize your home in a way that works for you, making your home functional, efficient, and easier to maintain.
Phone: 262-515-3200
Web Site: www.simplespacesorg.com
E-Mail: pam@simplespacesorg.com


Organized Essentials, L.L.C.
Owner: Roberta Schneider
Goal: Roberta Schneider of Organized Essentials helps people reduce the stress in their lives by eliminating clutter and reclaiming space. She will work with you to organize your home or office areas.
Phone: 262-524-0889
Web Site: www.organizedessentials.biz
E-Mail: roberta@organizedessentials.biz


Simply Organized For You
Owner: Beth Mielke
Goal: Beth Mielke of Simply Organized For You specializes in personalized Makeovers that will provide you with realistic solutions to declutter and organize any area of your home. Her mission is to help you create a smooth running, happy home so that you and your family will have more time to do the things you enjoy!
Phone: 715-754-5891
Web Site: www.simplyorganizedforyou.com
E-Mail: jmlke5@frontiernet.net


Effective Organizing Solutions
Owner: Susan Alsum
Goal: Susan Alsum of Effective Organizing Solutions works with people who want to make their daily lives easier and less stressful through organization. Let Susan help you clear out clutter, offer storage advise and give useful solutions to help you keep order. Member; NAPO and NAPO-WI.
Phone: 920-382-4900
Web Site: None
E-Mail: effectiveorganizingsolutions@gmail.com

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