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Emergency preparedness, what is it and why is it important?

These are valid questions and I hope to provide you with some good answers, resources, information, tips and tricks.

What is emergency preparedness?

What is going on?  Inflation, gas and food shortages, global pandemics, lock downs, crazy weather and storms, riots and violence sadly have become almost commonplace.

Does it seem like the world has become unhinged? Well, you're not alone! A friend recently said that this is the way she feels, and I had to agree.

While inflation, food shortages, crazy weather, etc. are not new, they used to only happen here and there. Now it seems as if everyone, everywhere in the world is being affected, and all at the same time. So, what's a person to do?

The best thing you can do is be as prepared as you can and trust God for the rest.

When I say: "be as prepared as you can," I'm not saying you need to sell everything and move to a remote cave on top of a mountain and start hoarding ammo and tires! But there are practical steps almost anyone can take regardless of whether you live in a studio apartment, rent or own a home in the suburbs or, if you're fortunate enough to own some land.

So, what should you have on hand to be prepared for most emergencies? Good question.

My goal is to provide you with some guidelines, resources, tips and tricks that I've learned over the past few years, and you can take it from there.


Regardless of whether it's the weather or your situation, things can change very quickly, and without warning.  You can find that you and your family may not be able to acquire basic necessities like water, food and heating/air conditioning.

It wasn't that long ago that I felt like I was caught flat-footed. I was so unprepared! My husband and I had to drive 35 miles to find toilet paper and toothpaste. Yikes! Thankfully, we found what we needed and were able to share with family, friends and neighbors but I knew we need to change some things. We needed to find a "new normal."

That's when I began to start researching about emergency preparedness.  We started a supply of home medical supplies, water, began a backyard garden and a few other things I would love to share with you.

What information can you expect to find to help you?

This page will provide you with links to articles on Straighten-Up-Now pertaining to things you need to know to be better prepared for the next emergency.  You can read and decide what will work best for you, your family and your situation:  

I will add more as I come across items of interest that I hope will help and that you will find interesting too.

I promise I will keep it fun and light-hearted. No doom and gloom!

God bless you and your family, and I pray you will find this information useful, functional and fun!

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