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Pet Supply Organization:

Having pets is a wonderful thing!  They provide so much benefit to us (see Best Friends Pet Care for details).  If you have pets of any kind, you know that they also require various items such as food, water, grooming tools, leashes, toys, etc.  Just like other items in your home, having your pet supplies organized and ready to use is the best way to live.  No searching all over the house for the dog leash when it’s time to take Fido for a walk!

Keeping your pet supplies organized doesn’t have to be hard or complicated.  How you organize your pet supplies depends on which type of pet you have.  While I won’t go into all the pet supplies for each pet, I will provide some general guidelines and you can customize them to fit your needs, your home, and the needs of your pet(s).

If you already have one or more pets, the best way to go is the same as any other organizing project.  If you don't know how or where to start, check out the steps with Start Here.

If you haven’t yet purchased a pet and want to start from scratch, check out the information on Best Friends Pet Care and links thereon.  They will provide you wish guidance on what to do before you bring a pet home.

Pet Supply Organization
General Tips

If you’re a little more experienced or, if you want to just dive right in, here are the general tips I suggest for pet supply organization.

How to Begin:

·         Gather everything you use and/or need for your pet supplies in one area.

·         Go through everything you currently have and evaluate them.

·         Are they still useable?  Put them in the Keep pile.

·         If they have seen better days, Trash them.  That includes old torn toys, leashes, etc. You can purchase new ones and they will serve your needs and the needs of your pet better.

·         If it’s something that simply needs to be cleaned and/or repaired, set those items aside in a separate pile.

·         Make sure to get the cooperation of those living in your home.  That way everyone will know where the items are supposed to go.

Evaluate what you have:

·         Separate the items into their proper functional category: food, grooming, medication, registration papers, toys, etc.  Make a separate pile for each category.

·         Wipe off anything that needs wiping so that when you put it up, the item is clean and will go into a clean storage space.

·         Next, think about the best place to keep the Keepers

·         Take some time to plan out some well-defined areas in your home and the place it makes the most sense to keep them.

Listed below are some suggestions for items that are typical with pet ownership and how to think about organizing them.

Pet Supply Organization
Pet Registration Papers

You need to keep your pet’s purchase/registration papers, shots, medical treatments, and other important paperwork in one easy to find place.  A simple file folder will do, but there are many cute options if you so desire.  A simple 3-ring binder is another useful alternative.

If you have more than one pet, keep a separate folder on each pet.  Having this information handy can be useful for many reasons, not the least of which if you employ a pet-sitter or take your pet to a boarding facility while on vacation.

Pet Supply Organization
Walking Items

It makes good sense to store items where they will most likely be used.  In the case of dog/cat walking items, create a space near the door where you can store the leashes, harnesses, muzzles, baggies for picking up messes, rain gear and/or sweaters (if you have or need them).

It doesn’t have to be complicated.  I would recommend not putting them in a drawer as they tend to take up too much room and can get tangled.  A simple hook on the wall or back of a door is a good place to hang leashes.  Other items can be placed in a tote bag and hung on a separate hook.

Pet Supply Organization

Pet food is usually expensive.  It can spoil or become rancid if not stored properly.  It can also attract bugs, mice and other unwanted pests if not properly stored.  Therefore, keeping the food stored properly will help maintain the nutrition of the food, reduce spoilage, and eliminate the possibility of making your pet sick.

The goal is to keep the food safe, fresh, and easily accessible.  Placing the food in an airtight container of some type is the best option.  Having a scoop of sometime is also useful.  If you are not able to store the food near where the pet eats, having wheels on the container can also be a blessing.  You don’t have to purchase anything expensive either.  Reusing an airtight bin and a plastic cup that is not being used are easy, affordable options.

Pet Supply Organization
Feeding Station

Having a designated area for feeding is important as your pet knows where to come when he/she is hungry or thirsty.  Make sure to pick a place that is out of the main traffic area of the house.  If you must place the food/water bowls on a carpeted area, make sure to place something waterproof underneath the bowls.  Most pets tend to make a mess when they eat.

Have clean food and fresh water always available!  That's the responsible thing to do.


Pet Supply Organization

It’s important to have your pets’ medications stored properly and safely.  They should not be stored in an area where there are temperature extremes.   If you have small children at home that might get into the medication, make sure to store it high up and in a location not easy for a young child to reach.  If that is not a problem, then designating a drawer or shelf to keep all pet medications in one area is best.

Medications for pets, like medications for humans, have expiration dates.  Using old medication can either be dangerous and/or ineffectual.  Sort through the medications you have on hand, note any expired medications, and dispose of them properly.  Highlighting expiration dates of all medications with a colored highlighter makes it easy to see at a glance if the medicine is outdated.  Be sure to wipe off anything that has dripped on any bottle or tube before placing them in your storage area.

Pet Supply Organization

Just like with kids’ toys, having a designated place to keep pet toys is important to keeping your home tidy.  While there are many cute options for pet toy storage, it doesn’t have to cost anything.  A cardboard box clearly labeled as pet toys is an inexpensive solution.

If you have young children, especially ones that are of an age that everything goes in their mouths, be sure the pet toys are not on the floor or play area and make sure the pet toys are stored separately and out of the reach of tiny hands. 

Putting up the pet toys at the end of each day is also recommended.  If the toy container is not easy to tote around, get a separate bin or basket to pick them up and put them back in their proper storage area.  Clean sweep of all toys (kids or pets) and the end of the day is advisable.  Just make sure you don’t mix them up! You don’t want your baby putting the dog ball in his mouth!

Pet Supply Organization
Grooming Supplies

Just like cleaning supplies, it makes pet grooming much easier if all the supplies are in one portable caddy.

Whether you wash Fido in the bathtub or outside, having all the supplies you need on hand in one easy to carry container will help you breeze through the job and save time as well.

Put all the toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, undercoat brushes, shampoo, conditioner, towel, nail, or beak clippers, etc. in one waterproof caddy.  Make sure the caddy you pick is a wide one and is deep enough to accommodate all the items without them tumbling out.

Pet Supply Organization

Pets love treats just like we do.  Just remember, like us, treats should be an occasional thing, not all the time.  Don’t hand out too many treats as it can cause health issues such as picky eating, obesity and diabetes, among others.

Keep pet treat containers separate from where you store the food.  This eliminates the temptation to treat each time you feed.  A pet treat container can be as easy as using an old cookie jar (or a pet-themed one).  A canning jar or other storage container that is large enough to hold the treats but fits easily where you decide the most accessible place to store them is works best.

There are many cute, pet-themed jars as well.  Try to make sure the container is clean and totally dry so that the treats don’t spoil.

I hope the information on this page has been helpful to you and your pet friends!

Links to Other Information

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