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Laundry Room Organizers

Are you tired of how much time it takes you to do your laundry? If so, then this is your page!

Getting your laundry room organized will help you get the chore done quickly and efficiently so you can get on to other things in your life.

The tips provided here are general in nature because every laundry room is different. Read the tips below and implement what works for your laundry room space.

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Laundry Room Organizers -- Organize For Efficiency

Have fun implementing these laundry room organizers into your space!

  • Tip #1 Depending on your available space, installing cabinets or shelves that can be easily reached will allow you to organize your laundry products. Storing your detergent, bleach, fabric softener and stain removal products all in one location saves time and energy.

    An alternative is a portable, plastic shelving unit with rollers that is narrow enough to fit in the space between the washer and dryer.

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  • Tip #2 Installing a bar on the wall, on the back of a door or under your cabinets will facilitate hanging clothes as they come out of the dryer. Make a sweep of all closets for empty hangers prior to starting your first washer load. Put the hangers on the bar so you'll be ready to hang up your first dryer load. Some laundry sorters have wheels and an overhead bar for hanging items.

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  • Tip #3 A folding rack works great for items that need to be air dried and not placed in the dryer. There are several different types. You can fit a rack inside a plastic clothes basket to catch drips. Some units fit over the bathtub. Other racks have flat panels for sweaters and other items that need to lay flat while drying.

    Laundry Room Organizers 5

  • Tip #4 Presorting laundry prior to washing saves time. Everyone simply sorts their own clothing for you (hopefully).

    If your space allows use several baskets. Suggestions for sorting would be: (1) for whites that can be bleached (2) for dark clothes and jeans (3) towels, sheets, etc. Some laundry sorters have wheels and a hanging rack. Whether you use inexpensive plastic baskets, wicker (or lined wicker) or metal upright baskets with cotton liners, presorting your laundry will save your time and your back.

    I'm fortunate that I have 2 large closets in each bathroom that allows for tall metal baskets with cotton liners. This allows us to sort our clothing prior to bathing. When wash day comes around . . . everything is presorted and ready to wash.

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  • Tip #5 Keep a bin, basket or bowl in the laundry room. This gives you a place to put things found in pockets (money, gum, receipts, etc.). If space allows, a cork board hung in the laundry area gives you a place for fabric care instructions and/or stain removal tips.

  • Tip #6 Keep a small trash basket near the dryer. This gives you an easy place to throw away lint from the dryer and used dryer sheets.

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  • Tip #7 Set aside a basket, hamper or laundry bag specifically for clothing that is dry clean only. Items will be ready to go to the cleaners without searching all over the house. Set aside a regular drop off and pick up time to streamline your schedule.

  • Tip #8 One of the handiest gadgets I've found lately is Sock Pro. These handy little discs come in bright colors. You slip the toes of dirty socks into the discs. Teeth on the discs hold the socks together as a pair. Toss them (disc and all) in the washer/dryer. The result . . . no more lost socks!!

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  • Tip #9 Safety first, so maintain your equipment. Periodically wipe the outside of your washer and dryer. Wipe the lid and inside ring on the washing machine to be sure nothing gets on the clean clothes that come out. To reduce risk of fire, use a dryer vent brush and clean your dryer vent. Check washer and dryer hoses and electrical cords for damage. Make any repairs needed or replace the equipment. Sweep, dust and mop the laundry room to keep it fresh as well.

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  • Tip #10 Don't forget to decorate. It may sound strange to decorate a laundry room, but putting a pretty color on the walls, a cute wallpaper border, rug, pictures or plants can make doing the laundry pleasant. Consider hanging some "antiques" like an old wash board or iron on the wall for room appropriate decorations.

    Using one or more of these laundry room organizers tips will save you time and make doing the laundry will be a lot more enjoyable.


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