Magazine Organizers Under New Management

Magazine Organizers Under New Management. Newspaper Clippings Catastrophe Solved. Catalogue Clutter Crisis Avoided. Painful Periodicals Problem Resolved. Newsletter Nausea Negated.

Magazine organizers 1 Extra, Extra, Read All About It -- “Magazine Organizers & Managers Needed – Apply Below”

(Did I get your attention?)

Admit it . . .

Are you a catalog junkie?

Do you have a piles of professional periodicals that you never read?

When was the last time you threw out a newsletter?

Does the thought of ordering yet another magazine get your heart rate up?

Do you have a secret stash of catalogs no one knows about?

Magazine organizers 2

Well if so, take heart! The information below will have you fixed up in a Gif or a Jpeg --- well enough of the computer geek jokes!

I’ve lumped newspapers, professional periodicals, newsletters, magazines and catalogues together for a reason. They all have similar clutter problems. They are kept for the same reasons.

This is an area I’ve always struggled with. I’ve L-O-V-E-D looking at magazines and catalogues since I was a kid. I still do!

Also, I research information for clients and this website all the time. The informative periodicals and newspaper clippings can take on a life of their own after awhile if I’m not careful.

I’ve learned these tips and tricks the hard way, but you get the benefit . . . :)

So . . . here’s some general information on magazine organizers (and related items). Then I’ll get right down to the organizing tips!

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Typically, you won’t care about every article in any magazine. There’s probably just one or two articles of interest in any one magazine (if any at all). Clip and keep what you want (see types of magazine organizers below)--- get rid of the rest. If there are certain magazines you know you aren’t reading, call and cancel the subscription.

Don’t let them continue to grow and pile up like mold on leftover meatloaf! You can always browse through the latest issue at the supermarket. If you find one that is particularly interesting -- bring only that particular issue home.

Magazine organizers 4


Catalog shopping is so much fun! It’s a great place for decorating ideas, craft projects, etc. Plus it’s always great when those packages arrive – almost as good as Christmas (except when the credit card bill arrives)!

Immediately toss catalogs that you don’t have an interest in when they arrive. If you get catalogs that you didn’t request, call and ask the company to take you off their list.

You can store those you want to keep in a pretty basket. Make sure you get one that’s not too small (but if you’re one-year-old grandchild can use it to hide in, it’s probably too big)!


When the latest edition arrives, toss out the previous one, even if you haven't read it. It takes only a minute and will give you an enormous sense of control.

I know this is hard. I subscribed to a business magazine and read only one in an entire year . . . I felt awful getting rid of them!


Newsletters come in several types (electronic and paper). The same general rules apply to both. These typically are a quick-fun-easy read. Unless there is some specific information you need to keep, read them quickly and toss them immediately.

If there is information you want to keep, see the tips information below.

Magazine organizers 5


This can apply to coupons as well. Clip and keep only the relevant article or coupon(s) you need and toss the rest in the recycle bin.

If you’re a gardener, you can compost the newspaper or shred it for mulch. You can also repurpose it by lining the cat-pan or bird cage!

Another suggestion is to donate the paper to a nursing or assisted living facility (make sure to ask first)!

Magazine organizers 6


You shouldn’t keep everything, so how do you decide what to do? Ask yourself:

  • Will you need this information in the future?
  • Why will I need that information for the future?
  • Is it likely I can easily find the information again by doing an Internet search?

This is the Information Age. Mama Google can help you find what you need quickly and efficiently! We have fewer excuses to keep paper than any generation before!


  1. Do you have a project you want to start? Keep magazine articles and other notes in an idea book. You can keep specific notes, paint and fabric samples, etc. in there as well. Keep only the specific articles that apply to or provide inspiration for your project

  2. Tired of the same old meatloaf? Keep only the recipes you’re likely to make! Don’t just keep pulling out every recipe that sounds good. Test the recipe immediately. If it doesn’t taste good, discard it.

    If your family hates it, get rid of it. If it’s a keeper, add it to your collection (look for tips on what to do with them below).

    Magazine organizers 7

  3. Inexpensive photo albums and scrapbook pages come with peel and stick pages. These can become your best friend. The entire page is sticky. It allows you to put as many oddly shaped items on it that you need (recipes, newspaper clippings, fabric swatches, etc.)

  4. Magazine Renewal Time? Think about how much of your time you actually spent reading that particular magazine. Weed out those magazines you don’t really read. Your budget will thank you! Use magazine organizers to keep the rest under control (see examples below).

  5. Utilize baskets for your monthly reading. Put them in the baskets when they arrive. Read them as soon as possible. Keep only the information you need from them. Get rid of the rest. See examples of magazine organizer baskets on this page.

    Magazine organizers 8

  6. You can place your articles, etc. in a 3-ring binder. Buy dividers and plastic sheet protectors as well. Sort your articles into categories and label the dividers. Instead of 3-hole punching the actual information, put the articles in the plastic sheet protectors.

  7. If you have a lot of information, separate your information into separate binders and tab/label accordingly.

  8. Keep only current issues of your magazines. Don’t let them pile up month after month. Set aside a few minutes once a month to go through your magazines and pull out the information you want to keep. Try to do this before the next issue(s) arrive!

  9. If you’re like most people, catalogs pile up faster than magazines. Most people keep them intending to buy things for themselves or others later. You can pull out the page with the item, cover page and ordering page and keep only that information.

    Put the loose items in files like Sally’s Birthday or Hubby Christmas. Store the rest in magazine organizers like the ones below.

  10. When new catalogs come in, throw out the old ones immediately!

    Magazine organizers 9

  11. If you wish to keep or collect entire magazines, treat them right. Buy special magazine storage cases. Organize them by month/year and label the cases accordingly. They can be simple plastic or metal. Some are very decorative.

  12. Special items can be laminated. If there is a group of like items, you can keep them together.

    Laminate them, then use a hole punch (but leave a margin for the hole so you don’t ruin your work). A D-ring works great for keeping these items together.

  13. Do you own a flatbed scanner? Consider scanning your articles and storing them as digital files either directly on your computer or on CD/DVD’s. If you store them on your computer, be sure to burn a back-up. Label them accordingly and store them either in binder or a storage box.

  14. Organize your computer files the same way you would organize your physical files.

    As always, I hope this information was helpful. If you need further help, check out the Start Here, Organized Mindset, Questions to Ask Yourself Here, Baby Steps, Start Somewhere, Basic Principles, Other Things to Consider, Last Things to Consider. You may also find useful information under Declutter Articles, Procrastination, and Are You A Compulsive Hoarder?

    I'm including some pictures to assist you with visuals on different types of magazine organizers.

    Magazine organizers 10

    Decorative magazine organizer basket with lid.

    Magazine organizers 11

    Decorative Magazine Organizer.

    Magazine organizers 12

    This is a fabric basket magazine organizer.

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