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One of my goals for this website is not only to provide you with great information but, if you find you have the need for one-on-one assistance, Straighten-Up-Now.com wants to help you find assistance in your area.

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Simple Organizing Solutions
Owner: Kimberly Ray
Goal: Kimberly Ray of Simple Organizing Solutions will work with you to get your life organized. Whether it is planning a party, cleaning out a closet, or coming up with a system for filing all that paperwork, Kimberly can help you get your life back on track.
Phone: 325-232-7403
Web Site: www.simpleorganizationsolutions.com
E-Mail: kimberly@simpleorganizationsolutions.com


Accent on Homes
Owner: Tonya Bouchard
Goal: Tonya Bouchard, Accent on Home. De-cluttering & organizing your life is more than ridding yourself of excess stuff, it’s freeing your mind and your time to focus on what God has planned for your life. Let me help you reach your goals.
Phone: 469-682-5787
Web Site: www.AccentOnHomes.com
E-Mail: tonyabouchard@yahoo.com

Organized Spaces
Owner: Sherry Zuch
Goal: Sherry Zuch of Organized Spaces offers expert moving and organizing assistance. She provides home renovation moving assistance for homeowners who are planning to remodel their home. She will coordinate the packing and storage of belonging before construction begins then unpack, set-up, and organized belongings once the renovation is completed.
Phone: 888-467-8880
Web Site: www.organized-spaces.net
E-Mail: sherry@organized-spaces.net

Seasoned Living
Owner: Melody Trent
Goal: Melody Trent of Seasoned Living is a professional organizer and has as her mission to help people change their lives by changing their environments through organization and planning.
Phone: 972-359-2919
Web Site: www.seasonedliving.org
E-Mail: melody@seasonedliving.org


Admin One
Owner: Yolanda Freeman
Goal: Yolanda Freeman, Admin One. Admin One is a full service administrative support service providing residential, home office, small business, and corporate organizing. Become organized and control your clutter. Call NOW for your free consultation.
Phone: 214-212-8519
Web Site: www.adminonesupport.com
E-Mail: freeman@adminonesupport.com

All About Details
Owner: Brenda Hutchins
Goal: Brenda Hutchins of All About Details organizes anything, anytime, any place by believing organization is key to reducing stress and making life run smoothly. Whether you need to organize a wedding, closet, kitchen or meeting, Brenda will organize your life by paying attention to every little detail!
Phone: 214-789-0754
Web Site: www.allaboutdetails.net
E-Mail: brenda@allaboutdetails.net

Get "Morganized"
Owner: Sandy Morgan
Goal: Sandy Morgan of Get "Morganized" relieves stress, save time and money by getting your home in order. Sandy will organize your life and teach you how to keep it "Morganized". She serves the Arlington and Mansfield areas.
Phone: 817-996-8524
Web Site: www.GetMorganizedNow.com
E-Mail: sandy@getmorganizednow.com

Organization Unlimited, L.L.C.
Owner: Becky Phillips
Goal: Becky Phillips of Organization Unlimited can help you turn "chaos into calm" quickly. She provides professional organizing services to residential customers, as well as corporations, specializing in decluttering and organizing the rest in nice, neat spaces you will love, at a fair rate! Public speaking dates are open and available now!
Phone: 817-675-4418
Web Site: www.OrganizedbyBecky.com
E-Mail: Becky@OrganizedByBecky.com

Simply Organized
Owner: Katie Van Dyke
Goal: Katie Van Dyke of Simply Organized is passionate about helping others live a balanced clutter free life. Katie knows this is difficult for a lot of people especially when it comes to letting go of possessions and that's where She comes in, She's great at organizing and scheduling and love sharing my gift with others!
Phone: 970-640-4093
Web Site: www.simplyorganized.homestead.com
E-Mail: simplyorganized07@yahoo.com


Creating Peace
Owner: Michelle Traudt
Goal: Michelle Traudt of Creating Peace provides organizing services to help create peace in homes, offices and lives. Room organization, kitchen and garage organization, closets and pantry organization, filing and office organization, and time management. She also offers help with relocating.
Phone: 512-924-1600
Web Site: www.creatingpeace.com
E-Mail: michelle@creatingpeace.com

Dust Bunny Designs
Owner: Joleen E. Smith
Goal: Joleen E. Smith of Dust Bunny Designs provides personal and professional organizing for the home and office. Specializing in home organization for the family, clutter control, space planning, and closet design, Joleen works with you to create simple solutions for organized living.
Phone: 512-619-8807
Web Site: www.DustBunnyDesigns.com
E-Mail: dustbunnydesigns@yahoo.com

Impact Solutionz
Owner: Marcia Weuve
Goal: Marcia Weuve of Impact Solutionz, LLC specializes in residential organizing. Our services include: decluttering, downsizing, organizing, paper and mailing systems, time and schedule management, moves and relocations and closet organizing.
Phone: 512-627-5099
Web Site: www.ImpactSolutionz.com
E-Mail: Marcia@ImpactSolutionz.com


Simplified & Organized
Owner: Sarah Roberts
Goal: Sarah Roberts of Simplified & Organized provides needs assessments, business organizing, paper management, filing systems, office space planning, residential organizing, home office, family paper flow, children's rooms, living spaces, closets, garages, attics, memorabilia, kitchens, vehicles, storage/utility rooms, staging/redesign and decluttering services.
Phone: 817-405-8895
Web Site: www.simplifiedandorganized.com
E-Mail: simplifiedandorganized@gmail.com


Consider It Organized
Owner: Stacie Wright
Goal: Stacie Wright of Consider It Organized provides residential organizing. She works with you to prioritize which organizing dilemma is causing the most problems, and starts there. She's wonderful at managing spaces that seem overwhelming.
Phone: 210-854-5791
Web Site: www.consideritorganized.com
E-Mail stacie@consideritorganized.com


K&S Creations
Owner: Kelly Marler
Goal: Kelly Marler of K&S Creations creates solutions for your clutter! Typical areas: bedrooms, closets, playrooms, kitchen, garage, storage units, offices and pre/post moving organizing. She lives in the Cypress area and attend Second Baptist Church and enjoys working with home owners all over the Houston area.
Phone: 832-250-1531
Web Site: None
E-Mail: kandscreations@hotmail.com


Clutter Queen
Owner: Jennifer Humes
Goal: Jennifer Humes of Clutter Queen has been serving the clutter-control challenged residential and business client since 1999. Who can benefit? Anyone feeling clutter is taking over their life or in need of reorganization from someone who understands their plight.
Phone: 214-906-9648
Web Site: www.ClutterQueen.com
E-Mail: Jennifer@ClutterQueen.com

JBair Company
Owner: Jenny Bair
Goal: Jenny Bair of JBair Company provides Office Organization, Business Coaching, Residential Organizing: Kitchens, Pantries, Garages, Offices, Bedrooms and Closets, Life Coaching, and Public Speaking.
Phone: 972-930-0260
Web Site: www.jbair.com
E-Mail: jenny@livingwelldallas.com

Organize It!
Owner: Michelle Schwibinger
Goal: Michelle Schwibinger of Organize It! provides complete residential organizing services. She likes to help clients regain control over the stressful areas of their homes and at the same time teaching you how to easily maintain the order. Serving the Dallas / Frisco area.
Phone: 972-377-4440
Web Site: www.totalorder.com
E-Mail: michelle@totalorder.com

Organized Touch
Owner: Desiree Hill
Goal: Desiree Hill of Organized Touch is a customized moving and organizing company. They help organize homes and offices as well as the packing and unpacking for moves. “Let us work our magic!”
Phone: 214-561-6766
Web Site: www.OrganizedTouch.com
E-Mail: Info@OrganizedTouch.com

Precise Arrangements Organizing
Owner: Amber Reece
Goal: Amber Reece of Precise Arrangements Organizing specializes in: residential organizing, small business organizing, family emergency preparedness, time management, automobile organizing, small party planning, speaking, garage sale planning, organizing for newlyweds, apartment-friendly organizing, student organizing, and creating law firm filing systems.
Phone: 214-708-6301
Web Site: www.precisearrangements.com
E-Mail: amber@precisearrangements.com

S. Anonymous Organizing
Owner: Natisha Forte
Goal: Natisha Forte of S. Anonymous Organizing offers organizing & concierge services to the DFW Metroplex and greater Little Rock areas. Including; professional organizing, personal shopping, gift purchasing & wrapping, corporate & residential concierge services. Natisha specializes in 'taking the load' so you can have more time & space and less stress & clutter.
Phone: 972-658-8006
Web Site: www.shopaholic-anonymous.com
E-Mail: natisha@shopaholic-anonymous.com

Simple and Organized
Owner: Diana San Roman
Goal: Diana San Roman of Simple and Organized serves the Dallas / Rowlett area and offers a variety of services including home and office organizing, home and asset inventory and personal assistant services, just to name a few. Here goal is to save you money and create a more efficient and stress-free environment for you.
Phone: 214-282-9235
Web Site: www.simpleandorganized.com
E-Mail: info@simpleandorganized.com

The Organizer Group
Owner: Kayla Williams
Goal: Kayla Williams, The Organizer Group. Organization of Home & Office, Paper & Financial management, File & Office development, Life & Time Management, Success Coach, Skills & Tools for Development & Maintenance, Creative Spacing & Design, Closets, Kitchens, Garages.
Phone: 972-732-6491 or 214-354-8965
Web Site: None
E-Mail: TheOrganizerGroup@yahoo.com

Tranquil Spaces
Owner: Martha Leeper
Goal: Martha Leeper of Tranquil Spaces brings peace and order to your living and work areas. Non-judgmental, confidential and professional service.
Phone: 972-247-4506
Web Site: None
E-Mail: marthaleeper@swbell.net

Unhurried Life
Owner: Michelle Earney
Goal: Michelle Earney of Unhurried Life seeks to provide personalized project management help in areas of home and office organization. She aims to relieve stress,improve time management, and create individualized or team-centric systems.
Phone: 469-544-2285
Web Site: www.unhurriedlife.com
E-Mail: michelle@unhurriedlife.com


An Extra Pair of Hands
Owner: Tyler Norsworthy
Goal: Tyler Norsworthy of An Extra Pair of Hands will make your areas organized, shipshape and efficient. She does everything from kitchens to attics. She can help with packing and moving,and garage sale prep. Call today for your no cost consultation.
Phone: 817-675-1648
Web Site: www.anextrapairofhands4u.blogspot.com
E-Mail: tyler@anextrapairofhands4u.com

Beyond the Clutter
Owner: Linda Blazosky
Goal: Linda Blazosky of Beyond the Clutter is passionate about organizing and helping her clients. Whether an entire house needs to be organized or it's just that 'junk drawer', Linda can take you Beyond the Clutter that has overwhelmed your life.
Phone: 817-793-4670
Web Site: www.beyondtheclutter.net
E-Mail: linda@beyondtheclutter.net

Simple By Design
Owner: Cindy Flood
Goal: Cindy Flood of Personal Organizing Coach has 25 years of organizing experience in the corporate world. She specializes in organizing home offices, small businesses, and corporations.
Phone: 214-536-7346
Web Site: www.SimpleByDesign.net
E-Mail: Cindy@SimpleByDesign.net

Sims Organizing Service
Owner: Stephanie Sims
Goal: Stephanie Sims of Sims Organizing Service makes sure your area is organized, stylish and clean. She can help you with your filing systems, making a move, having a yard sale, organizing rooms, closets and garage. Let Sims Organizing Service help you accomplish your goals. Free consultation. No minimum hourly.
Phone: 972-322-4848
Web Site: www.living-organized.com
E-Mail: sos@living-organized.com

The Clutter Advisor
Owner: Darcy Peek
Goal: Darcy Peek of The Clutter Advisor is a residential organizer who specializes in helping others change their lifestyle in ways that will help them to become more organized and less stressed in managing their daily lives.
Phone: 817-312-3983
Web Site: www.TheClutterAdvisor.com
E-Mail: Darcy@TheClutterAdvisor.com

This Way Up
Owner: Carla Miller
Goal: Carla Miller of This Way Up helps people deal with the emotional, mental, and physical effects of clutter. She is the author of Ready or Not, a book for organizing your vital information. She is a life coach and works one-on-one or in group workshops!
Phone: 817-296-7507
Web Site: www.thiswayupcoach.com
E-Mail: carla@thiswayupcoach.com


Neatness by Design
Owner: Linda Dutcher
Goal: Linda Dutcher of Neatness by Design provides the systems to create a simpler lifestyle. She offers organizing for the home, business, time management, moving, gift wrapping and personal assistant services.
Phone: 469-767-8037
Web Site: www.neatnessbydesign.com
E-Mail: neatnessbydesign@yahoo.com


Divine Organization
Owner: Kathleen Jacoby
Goal: Kathleen Jacoby of Divine Organization works with you to provide peaceful order where you live and work. She serves clients in the Texas Hill Country, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas.
Phone: 830-644-2284
Web Site: www.divineorganization.com
E-Mail: kat@divineorganization.com


The Mess Meister
Owner: Judy Walls
Goal: Judy Walls of The Mess Meister can help you declutter and get organized. Instead of being a source of more stress, your home can be the peaceful retreat you deserve.
Phone: 281-857-6856
Web Site: www.themessmeister.com
E-Mail: judy@themessmeister.com


Organized Chaos
Owner: Pam Bowers
Goal: Ready to transform your life? Let us organize your chaos! We offer optimal organization for your business or home. You name it, we can organize it!.
Phone: 469-323-5220 Fax: 972-292-1369
Web Site: www.find-my-desk.com
E-Mail: organizeme@find-my-desk.com


Muddle Management
Owner: Samantha Naaeyaert
Goal: Samantha Naeyaert of Muddle Management offers a complimentary visit (Muddle Huddle) in the Dallas, Collin or Rockwall counties with a an experienced NAPO organizer. Samantha brings experience, enthusiasm, and the latest ideas and products to help you find peace through organization in your home and workspace!
Phone: 214-957-1226
Web Site: None
E-Mail: friends@muddlemanagement.com


Perfectly Organized
Owner: Deanie Culbert
Goal: Deanie Culbert of Perfectly Organized assists her clients in organizing their homes or offices by providing professional, friendly and dependable service.
Phone: 512-630-9850 or 888-516-0188
Web Site: www.perfectlyorganizedtx.com
E-Mail: culbertdeanie@yahoo .com

Quality Life Solutions
Owner: Lori Thompson
Goal: Lori Thompson of Quality Life Solutions specializes in assisting seniors: moving to alternative living, upkeep of bills etc. and organizing medical care appointments. She also works with children, teaching organizational and study skills and specializes in chronic disorganization and clients with ADD.
Phone: 512-863-6558
Web Site: www.quality-life-solutions.net
E-Mail: lori@quality-life-solutions.net

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