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Car Accessories:  Top 10 most useful accessories for your daily drive!

We Americans are a mobile society!  Ever since Henry Ford made the Quadracycle, which later evolved into an automobile that the average man could afford, Americans love to drive!  We've got to "move it, move it!" LOL!

Whether your drive is the daily commute to work or to stores, sports practice, dance class, the gym, the grocery store, church or anything else, we all spend a great deal of time in our cars/trucks/SUV's, etc.  

My hope is that you will find something on this page that will provide you with a better, more enjoyable ride.

Car Accessories: Item #1
Magnetic Phone Mounts

We all use our cell phones in the car.  Having a safe place to mount the phone and be hands-free is a great way to be safe.  Most magnetic phone mounts slip into your car's air vent.  Try to get one that has a rubberized exterior, so it won't damage your air vents.  Also look for one that is adjustable to be able to get the best viewing angle.  This works especially well if you're using your phone as a GPS map.

Car Accessories: Item #2
Mini Car Charger

Nothing seems worse than having your cell phone battery run down when you really need it.  Don't get caught with your energy bars down!

Most newer cars come with a port for a car charger or a USB port.  However, if your car is older and doesn't have one, consider purchasing a mini car charger.  By using a mini car charger, you will keep your phone juiced up!

Car Accessories: Item #3
Waterproof Trash Can

Whether you use your car for a home office, transport kids to various places or it's just you, a waterproof trash can will come in handy to keep your car clean!

Trash is inevitable, but instead of scrunching it into the pocket of your door panel or cup holder, try using a trash can instead.  While you can reuse a plastic shopping bag, they tend to get holes and leaks may occur.  Getting a durable, waterproof trash can is simply the best.

Car Accessories: Item #4
Car Cover

My husband's truck won't fit in our garage, which is problematic.  If you must have your vehicle out in the open as well, consider a car cover.  This will protect your vehicle from the elements.  Sun, wind, snow, etc. can damage your car's finish.  It also eliminates bird bombs!

While you might think it a hassle to put it on and take it off each time you enter or exit your vehicle, consider that using one will, in the long run, save you some money as it protects your valuable investment.

Try to find one that has a breathable fabric so that mold and mildew don't build up when the cover is on.

Car Accessories: Item #5
Back of Seat Organizer

A back seat organizer can come in handy no matter whether you have kids or not.  Water bottles, sports drinks, toys, snacks, games, paperwork, pens, pencils . . . you name it!

You can purchase one for a reasonable amount or, if you're handy with a sewing machine, there are patterns where you can make one or have someone make it for you.  That way you can customize it to suit your needs.

Car Accessories: Item #6
Dash Cam

While you might think a dash cam is not affordable, you can usually find one for around $40.  There are, of course, more expensive options and, depending on your phone, you might consider using it in place of a dash cam.

Dash cams have been known to be very helpful in the event of accident, injury or anything crazy that happens.

Try to get one similar to the CrossTour 1080P.  It has a wide-angle lens, built in sensor that allows it to detect sudden shakes or collisions and has features that prevent the video from being overwritten even if it's on a recording loop. 

Car Accessories: Item #7
Gap Filler Pocket Organizer

One of the things I like to encourage people to do when organizing anything is to make use of what seems to be unusable space.  In many cars, there are spaces between the seats and the consoles. 

By using a gap filler pocket organizer, this will enable you to put many items in it that might otherwise get dropped between the seats.  Not only will you have things handy, but you won't have to stand on your head to fish something out that dropped between the seats.

Car Accessories: Item #8
Bluetooth FM Transmitter

If you have an older car that does come equipped with Bluetooth, there are FM Bluetooth Transmitters that can be purchased for around $20.  

Before you buy one, however, make sure it is compatible with the phone you are using.  

Car Accessories: #9
Back Massager

While not everyone would want or need one, a back massager in the car can really be helpful for those with back and/or neck issues especially on long commutes.

Try to find one that has adjustable straps so you can put the massager where it will do the most good.  Some come with heat as well.

Car Accessories: Item #10
Portable Refrigerator

While not everyone needs, wants or would use one, a mini refrigerator is not necessarily a bad idea.  While you can always use a large picnic cooler, these portable mini fridges would be something fun to have in the car when picking up the kids from sports practice or dance class and would also come in handy on long road trips.

I hope these car accessories tips sparked some imagination and/or gave you some ideas to solve some common issues when motoring.

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