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One of my goals for this website is not only to provide you with great information but, if you find you have the need for one-on-one assistance, Straighten-Up-Now.com wants to help you find assistance in your area.

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Personal Organizing by Design
Owner: Jean Zoller
Goal: Jean Zoller of Personal Organizing by Design uses organizing and design principles to enhance the lives of clients by solving their needs at home and work to create a space that is pleasing and fits their needs, style, and budget.
Phone: 727-517-9357
Web Site: None
E-Mail: orgbydesign@verizon.net


Custom Organizing, Inc.
Owner: Lynn Wilks
Goal: Lynn Wilks of Custom Organizing offers productivity services,i ncluding speaking engagements and workshops to corporate, small business and residential clients. She is a Paper Tiger Authorized Consultant and member of NAPO.
Phone: 813-661-8251
Web Site: www.customorganizing.net
E-Mail: lynn@lynnwilks.com

Pure and Simple Organizing
Owner: Noelle Lamb
Goal: Noelle Lamb of Pure and Simple Organizing can provide you pure and simple solutions for your organizing needs.
Phone: 813-298-7544
Web Site: www.pureandsimpleorganizing.com
E-Mail: pureandsimpleorganizing@yahoo.com


Utterly Organized, Inc.
Owner: Bonnie Miller
Goal: Bonnie Miller of Utterly Organized, Inc., is a Certified Professional Organizer in the greater Orlando area. She has been providing organizing services for homes and businesses since 1998; Taking you from chaos and clutter to calm and control with guaranteed results.
Phone: 407-699-0406
Web Site: www.utterlyorganized.com
E-Mail: utterlyorganized@cfl.rr.com


Custom Organizing, Inc.
Owner: Ann Cueva
Goal: Ann Cueva of Custom Organizing, Inc. specializes in paperwork, customized workshops, and/or speaking to your group. Ann helps simplify and enhance your personal and professional environment by setting up simple systems increasing productivity and efficiency.
Phone: 727-538-8150
Web Site: None
E-Mail: accustom@tampabay.rr.com

Creatively Organizing
Owner: Judith Mauer
Goal: Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple is Creatively Organizing. Simplicity saves time allowing those who befriend it to readily accomplish their goals. I show my home and business clients how to release with real-ease™ the physical objects and mental clutter that complicate life & take so much time to maintain. Live your life with more peace, productivity, and play - Contact me!
Phone: 727-420-9941
Web Site: www.creativelyorganizing.com
E-Mail: jmauer@tampabay.rr.com


House to Home Redesign, Inc.
Owner: Regina O'Leary
Goal: Regina O'Leary of House to Home Redesign provides professional organizing with a sensitivity towards her clients’ needs. Regina offers interior redesign, aromatherapy for the home, senior move management & real estate staging. She is a member of NAPO and I.R.I.S. (Interior Redesign Industry Specialists).
Phone: 561-756-4368
Web Site: www.house2homeredesign.com
E-Mail: info@house2homeredesign.com


Organize The Essentials, L.L.C.
Owner: Sue Montgomery
Goal: Sue Montgomery of Organize The Essentials organizes health information organizing, estates (organizing all estate information in one place and assisting Estate Administrators after a death to settle the physical estate) and organizes for Seniors.
Phone: 727-230-9803
Web Site: www.organizetheessentials.com
E-Mail: sue@organizetheessentials.com


Positively Organized
Owner: Roxy Hambleton
Goal: Roxy Hambleton of Positively Organized loves what she does and truly considers helping others find peace in their homes a calling. She has a very "positive" approach to organizing with five years of experience.
Phone: 239-768-1632
Web Site: www.positively-organized.com
E-Mail: positively-organized@comcast.net

Two Shays Enterprises, L.L.C.
Owner: Joan Shay
Goal: Joan Shay of TwoShays Enterprises helps small businesses utilize their space and resources. She provides tools to keep you focused on your core business. She helps you keep the 'main thing' the MAIN thing.
Phone: 239-274-3366
Web Site: www.twoshays.com
E-Mail: twoshays@gmail.com


Organize and More
Owner: Linda Richards
Goal: Linda Richards of Organize and More serves residential and commercial clients in north central Florida. She provides one-on-one as clients learn to organize paper, clutter and time. Specialties include AD/HD & Chronic Disorganization.
Phone: 352-328-8353
Web Site: www.organizeandmore.net
E-Mail: linda@organizeandmore.net


1st Impressions Count, Organizing & Staging, L.L.C.
Owner: Jennifer Giles
Goal: Jennifer Giles of 1st Impressions Count, Organizing & Staging helps hurting people, whether they have clutter because of perfectionism, depression, addiction, ADD/ADHD, or loneliness. It is to glorify His Name that she does what she does each day.
Phone: 904-287-9993
Web Site: www.1stimpressionscount.com
E-Mail: jengiles@email.com

Julie Bavington, Professional Organizer
Owner: Julie Bavington
Goal: Julie Bavington specializes in closets, kitchens, bedrooms, kid's areas, nursery set up, home office, setting up mail/filing systems, and MUCH more. Fun weekly blog.
Phone: 904-262-2558
Web Site: www.organizewithjulie.com
E-Mail: juliebavi@gmail.com

Peggy Geiss Organizing
Owner: Peggy Geiss
Goal: Let me help you create the clutter-free, lovely, organized home environment you always wanted!
Phone/Fax: 904-537-4449
Web Site: www.peggygeissorganizing.com
E-Mail: peggygeiss@att.net

Real Life Solutions Organizing
Owner: Katie Weaver
Goal: I will work with anyone in the Jacksonville area to get started on getting your home or office in order. Free consultation.
Phone/Fax: 904-262-6773
Web Site: www.realifesolutionsorganizing.com
E-Mail: katieweaver@att.net


A Space That Works
Owner: Suzanna Letchford
Goal: Suzanna Letchford of A Space That Works performs one-on-one work with each client to lear out clutter and to create a customized system that is easy to maintain. She knows you will love our work - She even guarantees it!
Phone: 407-416-6118
Web Site: www.aspacethatworks.com
E-Mail: suzanna@aspacethatworks.com


Fully Organized
Owner: Elisabeth Abbazia
Goal: Elisabeth Abbazia, Fully Organized is a south Florida professional organizing company specializing in personal and business organization needs. Bonded and insured, we service all of Broward County, plus Miami-Dade and South Palm Beach counties.
Phone: 954-880-0156
Web Site: www.FullyOrganized.com
E-Mail: FullyOrganized@bellsouth.net

Harmony Organizing, Inc.
Owner: Danielle Campbell
Goal: Danielle Campbell of Harmony Organizing Inc works hands on with clients who need help organizing their homes, their businesses, and or their personal lives.
Phone: 305-300-3927
Web Site: www.harmonyorganizinginc.biz
E-Mail: dcampbell@harmonyorganizinginc.biz

Messies Anonymous
Owner: Sandra Felton
Goal: Messies Anonymous offers motivation, information, and inspiration through books by Sandra Felton, The Organizer Lady™. For more information as well as, local and on line support groups, please visit www.Messies.com.
Phone: 305-271-8404
Web Site: www.Messies.com
E-Mail: srfma@aol.com


Sort-It-Out, Inc.
Owner: Marsha Sims
Goal: Marsha Sims, Relieve the pain of disorganization through hands on organizing and counseling. Set up and maintain systems to increase productivity, reduce stress, and gain more control over their time, with Sort-It-Out. Call for a free 15-minute consultation.
Phone: 305-628-0075
Web Site: None
E-Mail: Organize@MarshaSims.com


Vision & Spaces, L.L.C.
Owner: Lori Abou
Goal: Lori Abou of Vision & Spaces organizes spaces by clarifying her clients' needs and assisting them in creating a practical and pleasing environment to work and live in. He desire is to serve others by accomplishing what would have been impossible with out God’s intervention.
Phone: 954-392-9898
Web Site: www.visionespacios.com
E-Mail: weorganize@earthlink.net


Designed 2 Organize
Owner: Jane Samargedlis
Goal: Jane Samargedlis of Designed 2 Organize provides home and home office organizing, home staging, wardrobing, personal shopping, moving prep/unpacking and party planning. Jane has her BS in fashion merchandising, has completed courses at the Custom Home Furnishings Academy, and is pursuing a degree in Interior Design.
Phone: 239-248-1515
Web Site: www.d2organize.com
E-Mail: jane@d2organize.com


Simply Organized Spaces, L.L.C.
Owner: Lora Higgins
Goal: Lora Higgins of Simply Organized Spaces provides organizing solutions and education to home owners and small business owners on the Emerald Coast. Custom organizing solutions based on an your goals, budget and lifestyle.
Phone: 850-420-1821
Web Site: www.simply-organized-spaces.com
E-Mail: lora@simply-organized-spaces.com


New Life Organization & Design Services
Owner: Kim Hazen
Goal: Kim Hazen of New Life Organization & Design Services successfully serving the organization and design needs of homes and businesses throughout the gulf coast area. Bring NEW LIFE to your space--call Kim today!
Phone: 727-992-2887
Web Site: www.newlifedesignsvcs.com
E-Mail: newlifedesignsvcs@yahoo.com

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