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One of my goals for this website is not only to provide you with great information but, if you find you have the need for one-on-one assistance, wants to help you find assistance in your area.

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Extra Organized
Owner: Michelle Mullenix
Goal: Michelle Mullenix of Extra Organized believes that the key to organizing any area of your home is to find a system that works with the way you think and the way you live.
Phone: 317-371-5959
Web Site:


Organized Interiors, L.L.C.
Owner: Shelley Jackson
Goal: Shelley Jackson of Organized Interiors offers a style-conscious approach to organizing. She assists in de-cluttering the home and provides decorative organizational solutions that gain space, save time, and reduce stress.
Phone: 317-504-8753
Web Site:


Hecht of an Organizer
Owner: Linda Hecht
Goal: Linda Hecht of Hecht of an Organizer provides the unique Hecht of an Organizer and product support. Effective because it streamlines workflow for everyday activities.
Phone: 317-776-4449
Web Site:


Mind Your Ps & Qs
Owner: Jonie Spetter
Goal: Jonie Spetter of Mind Your Ps & Qs helps people achieve a higher quality of life by helping them organize their personal belongings and habits to work for them instead of against them.
Phone: 317-840-3671
Web Site:


Organize with Ali, Custom Organizing Solutions
Owner: Ali Northern
Goal: Ali Northern of Organize with Ali can help you whether you are over-run with clutter or simply need a space organized. She works in all areas of the home helping to organize and simplify your life. Ali is a member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers.
Phone: 765-349-1041
Web Site:

Organizing Indy, Inc.
Owner: Dana Carney
Goal: Dana Carney, Organizing Indy, Inc., focuses on guiding, encouraging and educating her clients about basic principles of organizing. She provides help in clearing clutter, maximizing space and simplifying to reduce stress. Serving the Indianapolis area since 1999. Golden Circle Member.
Phone: 317-442-8108
Web Site:

Simplified Spaces
Owner: Janet Nusbaum
Goal: Janet Nusbaum, Simplified Spaces, from household organizing to home and small offices, Janet's mission is to help clients clear out the clutter and calm the chaos that their busy lifestyles create. NAPO Member since 2005.
Phone: 317-867-1540
Web Site:

The Organizing Coach, Inc.
Owner: Vicki Wright
Goal: Vicki Wright of The Organizing Coach, Inc. helps you 'condense the mess, relieve the stress' whether assisting to organize the junk drawer, a household or planning an event.
Phone: 317-931-0907
Web Site:


Renewed Spaces
Owner: Grethen Lee
Goal: Grethen Lee of Renewed Spaces seeks to assist her clients by assessing their needs and designing personalized solutions to renew their spaces.
Phone: 765-461-6174
Web Site:


Jennifer Morris, Professional Organizer
Owner: Jennifer Morris
Goal: Jennifer Morris is a Certified Christian Life Coach specializing in time management, clutter control and general home organization.
Phone: 219-369-7777
Web Site: None


Modern Methods
Owner: Christy Wentz
Goal: Christy Wentz of Modern Methods specializes in preparing real estate for the sales market. She organizes closets, garages, home offices, kitchens, and other rooms. She offers a moving and relocation service, new home set-up, and decorating.
Phone: 317-831-8384
Web Site: None

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