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Lighten Up!
Here's Some Fun Stuff!

Fun stuff!  Laughter and fun stuff are well . . . fun!

There's no reason we can't take time out for a laugh!

Fun stuff 1

This page was created to give you links to fun stuff, to jokes, songs, cartoons, pictures, etc. all related to organizing and declutter tips.

Laughter is the best medicine!

If you have something you'd like to contribute, be sure to send it to me via the Contact Me page.

If it passes the mustard . . . I mean passes muster :) I'll consider putting it here. If it's your original work, you will of course get full credit, I promise!

After ready my puny joke above, you now know why I need help with these submissions!

Fun stuff 2

If the item you're submitting is not your original work, please be sure to include information on where it was obtained. I want to be sure proper copyright credit is given when known.

Check back regularly to see what has been added!

Let's have some fun!!!

Here Are Links to Other
Fun Stuff

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Go to: 50 Ways to Clean My Clutter Paradoy

Go to: Comic Relief

Go to: Procrastinator Creed

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