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Sports Equipment Storage

Sports Equipment Storage 1

Sports Equipment Storage
Tips for Organizing

Sports Equipment Storage: Hello Active America!

Whether you like to play football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, swim, skate, ballroom dancing (yes, it IS a sport), or some other activity, invariably there comes a point where it’s hard to find places to put all the sports-related stuff that we accumulate.

My husband and I share the enjoyment of participating in ballroom dancing and tennis. In addition, he plays golf. We have a basketball hoop outside for the grandkids and there are couple of bicycles on the back patio I’m itching to get hung up and not chained to the barbeque grill!

Sports Equipment Storage 2

If you and your family find that there are challenges on how to store sports equipment, then this page is for you! This page will provide tips, suggestions and solutions for storing your sports-related gear and equipment.

You can also submit your own handy tips and ideas (below) or comment on the tips of others. You can even submit pictures of your favorite solutions (it’s okay to brag)!

Sports Equipment Storage 3

Sports Equipment Storage
General Tips

There are, generally, three basic places for sports equipment storage. They are:

  • Closets
  • Mudrooms or laundry rooms
  • Garages or storage sheds

Each place offers a unique challenge for sports equipment storage. Let’s consider each one individually.

Sports Equipment Storage

Sports Equipment Storage 4

Whether it’s an entryway coat closet, guest bedroom closet or trying to cram your golf bag in with your clothes in the bedroom, most closets have the same problem – the space is limited and has to be shared with coats, clothes, shoes and other items.

Here are some tips for utilizing that limited closet space to store sports equipment:

  • Use what you already have. A shoe organizer can hold items like balls, gloves, mitts, helmets, etc. I prefer using a men’s shoe organizer as they are taller and wider than the ladies varieties.
  • Belt and tie racks can also be useful for hanging racquets, bats, etc. You can use a loop of rope, ribbon or whatever you have on had to slip around the handle and hang the bat or racket from the hooks.
  • Mesh bags and over the door hooks (what ladies use to hang wreaths on doors) can also be beneficial to store items like balls, helmets, etc.

Sports Equipment Storage
Mudroom or Laundry Room

Sports Equipment Storage 5

You might have some extra wall or floor space in this area but the challenge here is that it usually is a walk-through area that is seen by everyone in the family and, perhaps, the occasional back door guest. Here are some organizing suggestions:

  • If you have wall space, consider utilizing it. You can hang a peg board (more details in the garage section below) with hooks. You can hang baskets for balls and racquets on hooks.
  • You can often find shelves that have hooks underneath. Put baskets on the shelves for mitts, gloves and balls. Hang bats and racquets underneath from the hooks.
  • Plastic, stackable storage bins can also come in handy to contain sports gear.
  • If space allows, a hall tree with a seating bench (storage beneath the lid) can also work well. Hall trees typically have hooks for hats that can be used for helmets, jackets, bats, racquets, etc. Store balls and other loose objects beneath the lid on the seating bench.
  • Consider purchasing an attractive, colorful school-type locker -- one for each person to store their sports gear.

Sports Equipment Storage

Sports Equipment Storage 6

While some people use their garages for . . . (gasp) . . . parking their cars, garages can often tend to be catch-all places for just about anything and everything you don’t know what to do with. Bicycles, paint cans, gardening and household tools can make it difficult to even get in the door!

Here are some tips and suggestions for storing sports equipment in the garage:

  • Most people fail to utilize both their overhead space as well as their wall space. Peg boards are an easy way to use your vertical wall space and free up your garage floor. Experts in home improvement suggest utilizing peg board that have ¼ inch holes because this size holds more weight and can accommodate a variety of different sizes of hooks.
  • If you utilize hooks in your peg board, be sure (for safety) to put light weight objects on the smaller hooks. Use heavier hooks for heavier items (I know this sounds simple, but how often do accidents happen because someone hangs something too heavy from a lightweight hook)?

Sports Equipment Storage 7

  • For bicycles, there are several solutions from specially designed racks that hang on the wall or a pulley system that allows you to suspend the bike securely from the ceiling. Be sure to secure any system that suspends items from the ceiling into studs, and not from sheet rock, and follow the directions and safety instructions.
  • Bins can also help in the garage. I prefer using clear bins so you can easily see what’s inside. Others prefer colored bins and sticking to a color code system. It’s your choice! There are also systems that allow you to store bins overhead in the garage. Use the space above your head (just secure them properly so they don’t come crashing down).

    You can get more help with garage organizing here.

    Sports Equipment Storage 8

    These are only some suggestions for sports equipment storage. If you have a system that works for you that you would like to share with others, please enter the information below.

    Now get out that and have some fun!

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