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Car Organizers
For Your Vehicle

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Car Organizers -- Keep A Tidy Ride!

Car Organizers:

Why worry about keeping your car tidy?  Let me ask you this.  Do you:

  • Use your car as your mobile office?
  • Spend so much time in your car you feel you almost live in it?
  • Commute long distances to and from work?
  • Routinely transport your kids or their sports team(s), dance class, etc.?
  • Transport clients in your vehicle?
  • Carpool to work or school?
  • Take family vacations in your car?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to one or more of the following questions, then this page is for you! The tips on this page will help you get & keep your car organized. 

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I’ve always kept my car clean and organized, but that comes from having a father who loved and cared for his car(s) almost as much as he loved and cared for me. He taught me to care for my vehicles. However, not everyone has had that advantage.

In our fast-paced, American society, our cars have become more than just transportation. We tend to work, eat, sleep and, sometimes, even get married in them!

Take pride in your ride!

If you’re tired of your car looking like you live in it or, if you’re tired of things falling out every time you open the door, then use the tips below to help you maintain a tidy ride!

Car Organizer 3

Car Organizer -- How to Information

Car Organizer Step #1 -- Take it Out & Sort It Out

Every organizing project starts with this one simple step. Take everything --- I do mean EVERYTHING --- out of the car.

That includes, trash, receipts, music, DVD’s, food, insurance cards, owner’s manual, maintenance book, auto information kit, baby seats, toys, etc. Check every area: map storage cases, door pockets, glove box, between and under the seats, trunk, and cargo area!

Next, throw away all the trash.

Next, sort the rest of the items into three categories

  • Stuff you use every day or often:  This varies from person to person, but it could mean things like sunglasses, hand-sanitizer, hand-lotion, lip balm, tissues or napkins, etc.
  • Things you use occasionally or in an emergency:  This would be things like your car insurance/registration papers, fire extinguisher, extra hazard lights to put out on the street in the event of an accident, snow chains, ice scraper, emergency medical kit, etc.
  • Seasonal items:  This might include allergy medications, sunblock, extra hat or gloves, etc.

Car Organizer 4

Car Organizer Step #2 -- Clean It Out & Clean It Up

Now that everything’s out of the car, this is the perfect time to thoroughly clean it. Vacuum the interior, shampoo the carpets, clean or wipe down the seats, clean the interior windows, and rearview mirror. Wash/dry/wax the exterior, polish the chrome, clean the windows, side mirrors and headlights. Use the tips on cleaning and detailing your car if you need help.

Whether you do it yourself or take your car to a professional shop to be detailed, having the car clean, shiny, and smelling great will go a long way to lifting your spirits and giving you incentive to organize your car and keep it that way.

However, if you intend to drive your car somewhere to be detailed, be sure not to leave things that have personal information such as bills showing your address, purses, laptops/phones, etc.

If your car registration/insurance papers are in the car, you might consider taking them with you if your glove box doesn't have a lock.  Just remember to put them back in when you get back in the car!

Car Organizer 5

Car Organizer Step #3 -- Evaluate and Make a List

How you organize your car will depend on how you utilize it and what you need in order to keep things organized in the future.

  • Are you a busy mom who routinely shuffles kids to and from school-day care-after school care? Are you a sports dad who routinely takes your team and sports equipment to games? Are you a real estate professional who routinely shuttles clients to look at homes? Do you run a business out of your car? Do you make sales and carry around sales samples and literature? Do you make deliveries?
  • Next, ask yourself: What do I need to keep on hand? What is it that I am always searching for but can’t seem to find? Determining these priorities will help you with the next step.
  • Do you routinely need change for toll booths, paper and pen, drinks, tissues, eye drops, lip stick, cell phone, directions, maps? Think about what you do in your car every day and make a list.

Car Organizer 6

Car Organizer Step #4 -- Determine Your Priorities

& Assign Areas

Once you’ve made your list and determined what you use and what you need, prioritize the list.

  • What do you need to keep close? Cell phone, maps, pen and paper, tissues, change, etc.?
  • What can be relegated to the back seat? Sale samples, briefcase, kid toys, clothing, sports equipment, gym bag?
  • What can go in the cargo area or trunk? Bins for groceries or sports equipment, emergency medical kit, seasonal items such as ice scraper, snow chains, etc.?

Car Organizer7

Car Organizer Step #5 -- Contain It

The next step is to use the space you have wisely.

Research and then make or purchase what you need to organize each space. 

Are you a good handyman or a whiz with a sewing machine?  Instead of purchasing items, you might be able to make some of the items you need to help you contain the items you will keep in the vehicle.

Look at the storage space your car provides already such as the glove box, center consoles, door pockets, trunks, cargo nets, compartment storage and/or folding seats, below the floor storage, etc.

Additional tips & guidelines:

  • Car maintenance records, insurance cards, owners’ manual and auto information books should most probably be kept in the glove box.  Some people use an organizer that attaches to their sun-visor.  I don't recommend that as it's too easy to be stolen.
  • For the items that you assigned the need to keep close and use regularly, store them nearest the driver’s seat. For example, if toll change, tissues, maps, pen and paper are items you use routinely, many vehicles offer ready-made space built directly into the console, dashboard or door for storing those items. You probably don’t need to purchase anything additional.
  • If, however, you use your car for a mobile office and your vehicle does not provide a good place to store your laptop computer, cell phone or paperwork, then look into purchasing or making items that will accommodate those special needs.
  • Keeping bins in the cargo area of SUV’s or vehicle trunks to keep grocery sacks and/or sports equipment from rolling around can be quite useful.
  • If you have little ones that routinely ride with you, a car organizer, like the one above, may come in handy. You can buy them or make them.  They help keep the kids’ stuff handy but not on the floor. No more toys hitting the ground every time the car door opens!

Car Organizer 8

Car Organizer Step #6 -- Final Tips

Moving Forward

Congratulations on all that hard work! It's well worth it!

Final Tips:

Here are some final tips on keeping your vehicle organized:

  • Throw away trash often. One empty water bottle or soda can on the floor might encourage you and others to continue that practice. Put a leak proof trash bag in the car and empty it at least once a week.
  • Keep a small, collapsible umbrella in the door pocket or each or console.  You'll always have one handy and so will your passengers!
  • If you bring one or more CDs or DVDs to the car, return a like number to the house. Don’t let them pile up.
  • Store off season items (ice scrapers, tire chains, etc.) in the garage during the warmer months.
  • Keep emergency first aid kits, roadside flares, jumper cables, warm blanket (winter only), etc. tucked away in the small areas and cubby holes in the trunk.
  • Secure everything!  That includes people and other items contained and strapped down. In the event of a sudden stop or wreck, loose objects in the car can become dangerous and cause injury.
  • “Click or Ticket” It's the law!  Always, always (did I say always??) use your seat belts, safety restraints, car/booster seats according to manufacturer’s directions and state laws.
  • Use the appropriate baby car seats and booster seats. Keep those kiddos safe!

Car Organizer 9

Now that your car is clean and well organized, enjoy the ride and be safe!

Happy motoring!

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