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One of my goals for this website is not only to provide you with great information but, if you find you have the need for one-on-one assistance, wants to help you find assistance in your area.

If you need additional assistance locating a professional organizer in your area, please go to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) for more assistance.


JMQ Professional Organizing Services, Inc.
Owner: Joanna Quandt
Goal: Joanna Quandt of JMQ Professional Organizing Services, Inc., works to ease your frustrations through decluttering and organizing and then providing techniques to keep you uncluttered. Joanna has her masters in school psychology, is a member of NAPO, and is an ADHD specialist. Free consultations.
Phone: 330-714-6303


Organization Station
Owner: Mary Lynn Stoia
Goal: Mary Lynn Stoia Simmons & Deborah Hill of Organization Station want to help you confess the mess, access the mess & contain & maintain your new organization skills. They will help you gain satisfaction when things are in order. They work with businesses & homeowners and do workshops on Organizing and Hospitality. Members of NAPO. Also serves Canton.
Phone: 330-823-4484


A1 Organizing
Owner: Holly Boyd
Goal: Holly Boyd of A1 Organizing is the author of "Act as if..." , a new book on what God says about you... and better ways of dealing with the daily frustrations that keep you from what is truly important. God has a specific plan for you. PEACE & PURPOSE come from organizing your head, home and heart.
Phone: 740-757-2944


ONeil Organizing Services
Owner: Dottie ONeil
Goal: Dottie ONeil of ONeil Organizing Services enjoys helping families solve home organizing challenges, scheduling and time management. She can provide hands-on help or coach you through the changes you want to make in your life. Serving the Ohio / Pennsylvania areas.
Phone: 330-766-6190


Owner: Milissa Forcum
Goal: Milissa Forcum of ENVISION offers professional organization and home staging in the Ross County area. Email her with ANY question.
Phone: 704-703-6393


e=mc2 Organizing & Coaching Consultants, Inc.
Owner: Sandra Einstein
Goal: Sandra Einstein of e=mc2 Organizing and Coaching Consultants organizes business & residential environments. Sandra works with individuals helping them to organize their time, space, schedules, goals and commitments and coaching to help create balanced lives. Specialty: ADHD coaching.
Phone: 440-423-1787

New Order Organizers, L.L.C.
Owner: Debbie Carney< CPO
Goal: Debbie Carney, CPO of New Order Organizers provides organizing services for students, business, and residential clients. Product: ColorWorks!(TM) Folders 4 Success - for organizing students in school!
Phone: 440-796-0295

Organizing 4 U
Owner: Muffy Kaesberg
Goal: Muffy Kaesberg of Organizing 4 U provides expertise in the areas of file and office maintenance, home organizing, help in downsizing and public speaking. Along with business partner JoEllen Salkin, Organizing 4 U can help you reach your goals 3 times as quickly! Call the only organizing team in Ohio today for a free estimate!
Phone: 216-321-6126

Pea Kay Interiors
Owner: Paula R. Kinney
Goal: Paula R. Kinney of Pea Kay Interiors designs organized spaces that suit each client’s individual lifestyle. She organize kitchens, baths, garages, closets, playrooms / homework areas as well as, corporate and residential offices. Also serves the Akron area.
Phone: 216-536-5868


My English Touch, LTD
Owner: Katy Jones
Goal: Katy Jones of My English Touch is skilled at assisting in recognizing organizational needs. I will efficiently rearrange furniture and possessions while offering storage solutions to maximize space, time and reduce stress.
Phone: 614-572-6362

Neat Niche by Karen, L.L.C.
Owner: Karen Augustine
Goal: Karen Augustine of Neat Niche by Karen performs commercial and residential organizing and speaking engagements. She has over 30 years of experience organizing in the corporate environment, where she found her niche and branched out to residential organizing as she started her business.
Phone: 614-785-9047

Stuff Police
Owner: Mark Reed
Goal: Mark Reed of Stuff Police provides decluttering, organizing and Home Staging services, design and installation of custom closets, garages and storage. Mark is the only ASP Master Stager in Central Ohio. Member: NAPO, Napo-Ohio, IAHSP and IAHSP's Columbus Chapter.
Phone: 614-266-0636


1-2-3...Get Organized
Owner: Beverly Coggins
Goal: Beverly Coggins of 1-2-3...Get Organized provides professional organizing for home and office plus training, seminars, and workshops. Home of the 1-2-3...Get Organized series, books and workbooks helping you organize your time and space one area at a time.
Phone: 330-922-0755


Encore Professional Organizers, L.L.C.
Owner: Barb Warner and Lori Firsdon
Goal: Barb Warner and Lori Firsdon of Encore Professional Organizers, L.L.C. provide custom organizing solutions for business and residential clients. They specialize in paper management, workflow and clutter control. They offer on-site seminars and workshops to help individuals and companies better manage their personal and professional lives.
Phone: 937-619-3181

Organize It All
Owner: Joan Heath
Goal: Joan Heath of Organizing It All specializes in business and total home organizing. With over five years of experience Joan will work with you to restore order and customize a system for your lifestyle.
Phone: 937-439-0531

Planning Ahead Professional Organizing Services
Owner: Tasa Blackman
Goal: Tasa Blackman of Planning Ahead Professional Organizing Services specializes in residential, business, and personal organizing needs. Allow her to assist you in creating the life you were meant to live. Call today for a free consultation.
Phone: 937-369-3964


Organized Inspirations, L.L.C.
Owner: Melanie Unger
Goal: Melanie Unger of Organized Inspirations provides personalized organizing solutions for busy families, as well as special populations such as teachers and students.
Phone: 614-579-7931


Neatly Nested Organizing, L.L.C.
Owner: Robyn Howard
Goal: Neatly Nested Organizing Services works side-by-side with clients to help them accomplish their organizing goals, develop organizing skills, set up new systems, and to live the organized life they have always wanted.
Phone: 614-395-3381


Hudson Organizing Solutions, L.L.C.
Owner: Cindy Emch
Goal: Cindy Emch of Hudson Organizing Solutions specializes in providing homeowners and small businesses with custom solutions for their organizing needs. Areas of expertise include offices, kitchens, playrooms, bedrooms, garages, closets, and more. Cindy will help you maximize your space, your time, and create a stress-free environment.
Phone: 330-388-6866


Organize With Sandy
Owner: Sandy Jenney
Goal: Sandy Jenney of Organize With Sandy provides organizing services for residential or business clients. Sandy will gladly tackle any problem, but she specializes in residential organizing. Love craft rooms! She is interested in using lower cost solutions to help clients get the most for their investment.
Phone: 740-817-2203


An Organized Manor
Owner: Nicole D'Amico
Goal: Nicole D'Amico of An Organized Manor offers coaching through life's many challenges. Services include home organizing, home staging and moving, paper management, time management, and diet and exercise management. Contact her today to see if she can help with the area of your life that needs organizing.
Phone: 937-974-8002


Closet Tailors
Owner: Elizabeth Hock
Goal: Elizabeth Hock of Closet Tailors Designs and installs laminate and wire for closets, pantries, home offices, laundry and garages. She uses a variety of suppliers to meet the customer's needs for style, function and budget.
Phone: 330-936-1323


Organizing 4 U
Owner: JoEllen Salkin
Goal: JoEllen Salkin of Organizing 4 U provides expertise for Home Offices, Businesses and Residence with Organizing 4 U. The only team of Professional Organizers in Ohio, she and partner Muffy Kaesberg, are both Faithful Organizers and members of NAPO. Reach your goals three times as fast! Free estimates!
Phone: 440-498-1930


Reorganize and Relax
Owner: Madonna-Renee Durbin
Goal: Madonna-Renee Durbin of Reorganize and Relax helps simplify your home & your life. Whether organizing your whole house or a small closet, R&R brings order to spaces, efficiency to tasks & completion to projects. Also specializing in Corporate/Employee Relocations.
Phone: 513-777-8331


Simply Designed
Owner: Carrie Savage
Goal: Carrie Savage of Simply Designed provides residential organizing services and enables her clients to transform chaotic spaces into calm, peaceful ones. She is a member of NAPO and the Associate Editor for NAPO's newsletter.
Phone: 937-515-8455


Organize This Please!
Owner: Wendy Steed-Roberts
Goal: Wendy Steed-Roberts of Organize This Please provides full service commercial and residential organizing services.
Phone: 740-819-0574

Disclaimer: Any reference obtained from this website to a specific commercial product, process, or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement by Straighten-Up-Now of the product, process, or services listed. Neither Straighten-Up-Now nor any of its members makes any warranty, express or implied, for any product, process or services listed on this website. Nor does it assume any legal liability for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or the links on this website.



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