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Just in case you want to know a little more about me . . .

About Me 1

I hate talking about myself, but I felt that you (my readers) deserve to know a little information about me. In other words, you deserve to know if I know what I’m talking about and not just talking for the sake of talking! So . . . I created this page.

Here goes . . .

About me & my background

I retired December 31, 2019. I have over 30 years of organizing experience in corporate management, pharmaceuticals, ministry, health care and the legal field.

I currently serve on my church board and prepare the weekly Sunday bulletin. In previous years, I assisted my church family with organizing functions on a part-time basis and am thankful I can now help them full time.

Organizing has always come easy to me. It's a joy, not a chore. Since I love organizing and helping people, this website seemed to be the perfect blend -- I hope you agree. I truly love making things simpler and easier for people so they can spend time on more important things (family, friends, hobbies, etc.)

A little more information about me:
Getting Personal

If you'd like to know more, here's a little information about me, my family and my other interests. . .

Although not a native Texan, I got here as quick as I could.  I have a funny story I trell about coming to Texas in a "covered wagon"!

I've lived in Texas most of my life and L-O-V-E the Lone Star State! There is so much to enjoy here.

I'm married and enjoy spending time with my husband, my daughter, my son-in-law, my granddaughter, my bonus daughter and my two bonus grandchildren plus my two bonus great grandchildren.

I enjoy ballroom dancing, I just wish I hadn't waited until I turned 50 before I started learning it, but that is how I met my awesome husband. He was my favorite Cha-Cha partner!

Now that I am retired, I also enjoy gardening, urban homesteading, canning, fermenting, playing tennis and doing artwork, making jewelry. attending art and craft fairs. I am also a published Christian author (Escape from the Dark Voyage see information in the right column).

Is That Really Me?

As for the picture above . . .

Yes . . . that really is me and my husband, Larry (we were married January, 2008). This picture was taken of us in 2006. We are just about to go para-sailing in Grand Caymen!

About me 4

What’s down the road?

My hope is that you will find a great deal of valuable information on this site so that you will feel comfortable recommending it to your friends, family (and anyone else you know).

I would consider it an honor if you bookmarked this site and checked back often. I am continually adding new pages to it and hope the information is valuable. If you don't want to miss anything, sign up (free) for the RSS feed (see lavender box to the left).

If you have a question, comment or suggestion. Or . . . if you need further information about organizing, and can’t seem to find it anywhere, feel to Contact Me. I’m here to help you!

And that is enough about me . . . but I'd love to hear from you!!


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