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Directory Form

Directory Form:  If you are a professional organizer and would like to add your business to the Directory of Professional Organizers on, please follow the two (2) step process below. The cost is $25.00 per year, per listing, which is extremely inexpensive insofar as advertising costs are concerned.

Step One: Utilize the Directory Form below to submit your request to have your business considered for inclusion.

Step Two: Make your $25.00 annual payment securely through Square (see the "Subscribe" button below).

PLEASE NOTE: Payment(s) must be received and confirmed prior to your listing being added to the Directory. Be sure all information is complete. Listings will not be added until all information is received, and payment is confirmed. This may take up to one week, so please be patient!

You are responsible for all information with regard to your listing. Please verify that the information on the Directory Form is correct.

If you have changes to your information, you are responsible for notifying me of the changes to be made on your listing. You can submit changes by utilizing the Contact Me form. Changes to your listing may take up to one week, so please be patient!

Step One:  Fill Out the
Directory Form Below

Add Your Organizing Business To The Directory of Professional Organizers

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Step Two:  Make Your Payment
Through Square

If you have any problems using the link above, please Contact Me via this link and provide me with the following information (please note the information you provide will only be seen by me and is completely secure).

  • Full Name
  • Name of your business (if different than your name)
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • A short synopsis of your business (what you want your customers to know about your business)

Upon receipt of your information, I will submit an invoice.  Once the invoice payment has been received, I will review your listing per the information below.

Reservations All submissions are reviewed individually by me and must be approved prior to the listing being added to the Directory. I reserve the right to approve or reject all Directory submission requests prior to the listing being active on this website. If your listing is rejected prior to the listing being active, you will be notified, and payment refunded promptly through PayPal.

Removals You can request your listing to be removed any time throughout the year. I reserve the right to remove any listing on the Directory throughout the year for any reason. Once the listing is active, your business listing may be subject to removal if it violates my directory guidelines.  If a problem is reported about your business or listing, I will contact you regarding the potential for removal. You will be notified about the reason(s) for the potential removal, and you will be given the opportunity to respond and correct the problem prior to removal of the listing. The ultimate decision for removal is mine.

Refunds If you paid for a one-year listing and wish to remove the listing at any time during that year, I will refund your payment on a pro-rated basis.  If your business is removed (as described in the paragraph "Removals" above), no refunds will be given at that point.

You can, however, request your listing to be removed at any time.

Renewals You will be contacted about renewing your listing in the Directory on an annual basis. You can choose to continue your listing, continue with updates to your listing or remove your listing entirely (this must be done prior to payment being received for the renewal).

If you choose to renew your listing (without changes), simply make your annual payment securely through PayPal.

If you choose to renew your listing (with changes), complete the Form on this page with the updated information and make your payment securely through PayPal. To prevent duplication of effort, please be sure to note this is a renewal with changes and not a new listing.

If you choose not to renew your listing , you will not be billed.

If payment for the renewal is received and the listing is kept on the Directory, no refund will be given for removal of the listing after the annual renewal payment is received. BE SURE TO CANCEL YOUR LISTING PRIOR TO RENEWAL PAYMENTS BEING RECEIVED!!

If I do not hear from you, I will assume you wish to continue the listing and you will be charged $25.00 automatically through your PayPal account.

You can utilize the Contact Me form at any time.

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