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One of my goals for this website is not only to provide you with great information but, if you find you have the need for one-on-one assistance, wants to help you find assistance in your area.

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Naturally Organized
Owner: Julie Gram
Goal: Julie has a passion to help organize clients in their homes, home offices & small businesses since 2000. She also offers organizing maintenance, seasonal decorating, spacial layouts for better function & coaching. She will work side-by-side or do it all for you.
Phone/Fax: 303-799-8032
Web Site:


Owner: Kathryn Porter
Goal: Kathryn Porter of Clutterwise™ is a writer, teacher & speaker. Kathryn teaches decluttering workshops, is available for custom speaking engagements and is the author of Too Much Stuff, a faith based decluttering book scheduled for release in 2006.
Phone: 719-573-0747
Web Site:

Organize Consolidate Declutter
Owner: Linda Reinberger
Goal: Linda Reinberger of Organize Consolidate Declutter offers advice, encouragement, and education about how to get your house into a well run machine. She will help you with the hard decisions on what to keep and what to donate or throw a way. She will get your paper work in a system that you can find anything, such as insurance papers or mortgage. Phone: 719-460-0347
Web Site:

The Clutter Cutters
Owner: Cari Pemberton
Goal: Cari Pemberton of The Clutter Cutters is a Family Manager Coach who specializes in residential and home-based business organizing, Staging services (Staging to sell, Staging to live), public speaking, and real estate services (buying, selling).
Phone: 719-338-9677
Web Site:

With Time To Spare, Inc.
Owner: Sue McMillin
Goal: Sue McMillin of With Time To Spare, Inc., through seminars and consultations helps her business and residential clients recover 40% space in their offices and homes and gain an extra hour a day in productivity.
Phone: 719-352-5535
Web Site:


Archives Organized
Owner: Sharman King
Goal: Sharman King of Archives Organized provides organizing, writing and speaking services. Sharman, retired English teacher and lifelong organizer, will organize any space, clean and paint while you work.
Phone: 303-907-8828
Web Site:

Major Mom
Owner: Angela Cody-Rouget
Goal: Angela Cody-Rouget of Major Mom is mother of two and spent 14 years in the military and four years of ROTC. Her focus is helping families.
Phone: 303-991-5478
Web Site:


Chaos Control
Owner: Jennifer Gruner
Goal: Jennifer Gruner of Chaos Control organizers homes or offices to bring a functional system that fits you. She assists you in understanding the system and provide tools and plans to keep you organized.
Phone: 970-309-3331
Web Site:


Major Mom
Owner: Angela Cody-Rouget
Goal: Major Mom makes organizing fun and we get the job done faster than anyone. Our team of highly-trained Liberators are ready to serve you. Remember, getting organized is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Don't delay, hire us today.
Phone: 303-991-5478 Fax: 303-991-5478
Web Site:

Organized Chaos
Owner: Mackenzie Bonig
Goal: Mackenzie Bonig of Organized Chaos specializes in guiding people through organization so they achieve a more balanced and rewarding life.
Phone: 303-880-1081
Web Site:


Starbuck Life Design
Owner: Jen Starbuck
Goal: Jen Starbuck of Starbuck Life Design specializes in home office and small business organizing. Serving the Littleton & Summit County areas. Gift cards are available.
Phone: 303-909-6318
Web Site:


Chaos SOS
Owner: Cheryl Garlick
Goal: Cheryl Garlick of Chaos SOS Simplifies and Organizes Solutions for your home and busy schedule.
Phone: 719-244-5385
Web Site: None


The Organized Life
Owner: Cyndi Fabrizio
Goal: Cyndi Fabrizio of The Organized Life specializes in residential organizing including individual, home office and small business organizing, paper and time management, specializing in ADD and ADHD clients.
Phone: 720-851-4994
Web Site: None


Owner: Delphine Becker
Goal: Delphine Becker of Ready-Set-Design provides organizing services & and room re-designs. She does one day make overs & organizes any space. She provides balance, function & beautiful spaces using your existing furnishings. She can create organizational systems to keep you organized. Her goal is to help you live a richer, fuller life without the stress of clutter.
Phone: 303-868-5546
Web Site:

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