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Organized Mindset

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Organized Mindset:  Why start with an Organized Mindset?

As stated on the Home Page, this website was created for YOU as a ministry. I'm not going to take the usual route of only providing you with home organization tips and organizing solutions (although there will be a LOT of that!). You probably need more than just How To information.

To get you where you want to be (stress free with more time for fun), you will have to make one or more permanent changes. To be permanently organized, you will need to acquire the Organized MindsetYou will need to learn steps to change your way of thinking about you, your life and organizing.

It’s all up to you. You CAN do this!!!

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Image we are two friends sitting on your couch (or in this case, in front of your computer).  You’ve just asked for my advice on making some life changes. You want home organization solutions. You've asked for my help because you know of my background and experience.

As your newfound friend, my desire and passion is to help you have the life you want. We will do this together, but I cannot (and wouldn’t if I could) do it FOR you.

So, here we go, let's learn how to obtain an Organized Mindset!

Organized Mindset
Get Rid of Stinkin Thinkin

Whether it’s a desire to stop smoking, lose weight, exercise, etc., any permanent change requires that you not only DO things differently.  It requires a shift in your THINKING.

Why? Because it will take that dreaded “C” word.


Getting organized is no different.  You have to get rid of what I like to call stinkin thinkin.

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Look at just about any self-help book, article or website. They usually start with some basic, similar ideas:

  • To Think Is To Create
  • Think Outside The Box
  • You Are What You Think You Are
  • If You Believe, You Can Achieve
  • As a Person Thinks In His/Her Heart, so is He/She

Any of these sound familiar?

You may have heard of some or all of these.  You may even know a few more. They may sound only like clichés, but there are some kernels of truth in there.

Sound like so much psycho babble??

You might be asking: "So how does this apply to getting to my home organization solutions?"

It might sound like psychobabble, but research bears this out.  Please stay with me here.

Organized Mindset 4

Your subconscious mind only knows one word.  That word is OK. If you tell it something, it says, OK then starts feeding your mind data to support what you just told it.

Therefore, if you tell yourself: "I’m unorganized," your subconscious says: OK then proceeds to show you all the things to support that you are an unorganized person.

If, however, you tell yourself: "I can be organized," once again, your subconscious mind says: OK then proceeds to show you all the things to support what you just told it.  You can be organized!

This is where the Organized Mindset comes into play.

You may be saying: "Now what?"

Good question!

The next step is to ask yourself some important questions to get you into that Organized Mindset way of thinking!

This is the next step, Step #3 Questions to Ask Yourself

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You can also check out this book The Mindset of Organization by Lisa K. Woodruff.

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