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Last Things to Consider Before You Begin!

Here are some last things to consider.  Congratulations!  You've come a long way baby!

Last Things 1

Last Things to Consider
Review of all Steps

I'm providing this as a quick review of the home organizing tips you've learned before you head out to the home organizing solutions project areas.

Last Things 2

A short summary of the home organizing tips and solutions from prior pages:

Tips from Start-Here:

  • Time is a limited commodity.
  • You only have so much time; make it count!
  • Organizing is an organic process.
  • Gain an organized mindset.

Last Things 3

Tips from Organized Mindset:

  • Your subconscious mind only knows one word OK.
  • Stop telling yourself you're an unorganized person.
  • Stop telling yourself it doesn't matter if you're disorganized.
  • Stop telling yourself you don't have time to get organized.
  • Stop telling yourself you don't feel like it or you're tired or it's not fun.

Tips from Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Have I been telling myself that: "I’m just an unorganized person?
  • Have I been telling myself that: “It doesn’t matter that I’m disorganized?”
  • Have I been telling myself that: “I don’t have time to get organized?”
  • Have I been telling myself that: “I don’t feel like it, I’m just too tired and this isn’t fun?”

Last Things 4

Tips from Start Somewhere:

  • Pick your one thing
  • Research how to do your one thing
  • List the steps to accomplish your one thing
  • List and purchase anything you need before you begin
  • Don't try to do everything at once.

Last Things 5

Tips from Baby Steps:

  • Stop buying stuff
  • Become an avid List-Maker
  • Turn off the advertising
  • Become a Pile Sorter: Trash, Donate, Consign/Garage Sale/Ebay, Repair, Doesn’t belong here, Keep the Keepers
  • Get rid of emotional baggage
  • Beware of Chunker’s Remorse

Last Things 6

Tips from Basic Principles:

  • Does this add real value to my life?
  • When was the last time I’ve seen it or used it?
  • Do I have duplicates of this item?
  • Does it need to be repaired?
  • Is this junk or could someone else use it?
  • I’m keeping it so where does it belong?
  • Could this item be repurposed?

Last Things 7

Tips from Other Things to Consider:

  • Determine who will most likely use the item . . . include them in the choices.
  • Determine the level of detail you need to find it again. Don't go into too much detail.
  • Keep like things together.
  • Determine how you want to find the item next time you look for it.
  • Use a labeler.
  • Search for How To information to help you.
  • If it’s expired, it’s dead --- give it a decent burial!
  • Keep clutter under control by doing small things routinely.
  • Perform a clutter sweep before bedtime --- get everyone to pitch in.
  • Choose regular times for daily chores.
  • Don’t procrastinate.
  • Having a really hard time? Consider there may be deeper issues, such as Hoarding Disorder.

Last Things 8

That's about as short and simple as I can make it! I hope these home organizing solutions were helpful.

I also hope you felt this page was a useful review of all the steps.  Bookmark it and use it as a handy reference.

Now that you can handle the A/B/C's, feel free to check out the project areas, articles and other helpful home organizing solutions and information.

Last Things 9

If you missed a step or something doesn't sound familiar, click one of the helpful links below and refer back to the page and review. You might want to bookmark an especially helpful page for reference.

Last things are usually never last, but you can now start your engines and get started with your favorite project!

And that's the last things I'm going to say about it! Blessings!

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