Organizing questions to ask yourself before we begin . . .

Questions 1 You need to ask yourself these questions. This is where the going gets a little bit harder (sorry)!

We'll get to home organization tips and solutions, I promise! Don't run off to the declutter tips just yet. Spend some time here . . . you'll gain quality of life on the other end.

It’s time for you to ask yourself some honest questions and get some honest answers. This may seem uncomfortable at first, I know . . . been there/done that! Let me assure you, however, that it will get easier. Plus, doing this will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

Questions 2

Consider this process a gift you’re giving to yourself. A gift of time, satisfaction and peace of mind. You deserve it! Let’s unwrap that package and get started, OK?

Remember . . . these are just tools. If you don't have need of them, feel free to skip on to another section that suits you.

Questions 3 Here we go . . .

Be really, REALLY (and might I suggest, ruthlessly) honest with yourself. There is nothing anyone can do to help you if you lie to yourself. You only wind up hurting you (and I like you too much to let you do that)!

So. . . on to the questions!

Question #1: Have I been telling myself that: “I’m just an unorganized person?”

If so . . . stop it! Anyone can be more organized.

Every time you find yourself thinking that way, imagine that a big red flag starts waving in your brain to get your attention.

Questions 4

Tool #1: Instead, tell yourself:

  • "I can BE organized and I WANT to be organized."
  • "I CAN be organized. All I need is just some helpful information to know what to do."
  • “I can learn how and when (and how often) to do it.”
  • “ I CAN do this! ”

Question #2: Have I been telling myself that: “It doesn’t matter that I’m disorganized?”

If so . . . stop it!

If you hear that in your thoughts, start looking for that big red flag waving to get your attention again.

Realize that it does matter because YOU matter.

Questions 5

Tool #2: Instead, tell yourself:

  • "I have worth and I matter, therefore it DOES matter if I’m disorganized.”
  • “I don’t want to waste another minute of my valuable life repeating things or searching for things.”
  • “I deserve to live in an environment that is clean, comfortable and orderly."

Question #3: Have I been telling myself that: “I don’t have time to get organized?”

If so . . . stop it!

What’s that I see? Yep . . . there’s that big ‘ole red flag waving again!

Remember my example on the Start Here page about spending 360 minutes (6 hours) in one year looking for the car keys and the remote?

Remember . . . that’s 6 hours of your life that you can’t get back doing something that was frustrating and unsatisfying. You deserve better!!

You know as much as I do that there is ALWAYS time for things that are important to you. You may just be struggling with self worth issues or don’t know what to do or how to start. You may just be rationalizing that you don’t have the time because it’s the easiest thing to do.

Remember . . . making any kind of change requires thinking, planning, time, effort and maybe even a little money (but you don’t have to get carried away spending lots to be organized).

Questions 6

Tool #3: Instead, tell yourself:

  • "I want to BE organized and I can be."
  • "I deserve the peace of mind and satisfaction that comes from living in an orderly environment."
  • "This IS a priority for me, and I am going to MAKE the time."

As the Nike ad says: “Just Do It!"

Question #4: Have I been telling myself that: “I don’t feel like it, I’m just too tired and this isn’t fun?”

If so . . . stop it!

(Are you as tired as I am of that red flag)??

Well . . . you may not feel like it and you might indeed be tired when you come home from work (who isn’t?) and you may not think it’s fun. But, let me encourage you to re-think those ideas.

You may not feel like getting up and going to work, but I bet you do it anyway.

You may be tired when you come home from work, but if your children want you to play a game with them or need help with their homework, you muster up the energy and do it.

You do many things that are not necessarily fun (like taking out the trash), but you do it anyway (or at least I hope you do).


Because you’ve decided it was important and you MADE the time and found the energy to do them.

You see . . . . it’s not about feelings, energy or fun. It’s about doing what’s right and best for YOU and the ones you love.

Questions 7

Tool #4: Consider this:

  • Realize that you don’t have to do it all right now.

  • Take some Baby Steps (see the page on taking those Baby Steps).

  • Start somewhere see the page on Start Somewhere).
Questions 8 Doing little bits on a consistent basis will get you there. It’s like compound interest at the bank. If you put away even a tiny little bit of money on a regular basis, over the course of time, you’ll have more than you imagined!

Go through these questions, readjust your thinking, then read some of the other helpful articles. Or. . . if you feel you're ready for the next step . . .

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