Other things to consider before you begin a project . . .

Other Things To Consider. . .

You’ve sorted, trashed, donated and sold stuff. You’ve asked yourself the Basic Principles questions about each and every item that was a Keeper.

Now what?

Other Things 1

Declutter tips:

  1. Determine who the most likely person to use the item is. Include them in the choices below.

  2. Determine the level of detail you need to find something. Don't over do the detail.

  3. Keep like things together (shirts with shirts, tools with tools, pots/pans with pots/pans ) . . . you get the idea!

  4. Determine how you want to find the item next time you look for it. Which room? What area? Alphabetical or numerical? Month or Year? Color code?

  5. Use a labeler to help locate items quickly. Labeling machines are fairly inexpensive these days.

  6. Search for How To information to help you keep the items organized and up-to-date. Searching this site is a great place to start!

  7. Go through things regularly (especially food, medicines, coupons, mail, bills, files, etc.). If it’s expired, it’s dead --- give it a decent burial!

  8. Just like compound interest at the bank, small tasks done routinely help keep the clutter under control. Perform a clutter sweep right before bedtime (get everyone in the house to pitch in).

  9. Choose regular times for daily chores . . . Tuesday is trash day; Saturday is for laundry, etc. This will keep you on schedule and out of hot water (sorry for the laundry pun!).

  10. Don’t procrastinate -- see article on Why Do People Procrastinate? (and ways to overcome it).

  11. If you can't seem to Let go, consider there may be deeper issues, such as Hoarding Disorder (see article on Are You A Compulsive Hoarder? (and what to do about it).

    Other Things 2 Just do it!

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