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Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Good organizing involves cleaning as well. A clean, well organized kitchen not only functions better, but is better for your health and the health of those living in your home.

The chemical companies would have us believe that our homes are not clean unless they are scrubbed with their particular brand of harsh chemicals. It really isn't necessary (or particularly healthy) to utilize harsh chemicals.

It also isn't necessary to be totally germ free. Many health care providers advise not using so many anti-bacterial solutions as many people have allergic reactions to them. Basic and regular kitchen cleaning is all that is really needed.

Many homes today carry a larger variety of chemicals than a chemist shop at the turn of the century. No one knows if there are health hazards associated with utilizing a combination of these readily available chemicals.

Also, if you're into being green, it probably is better for the environment to utilize more natural cleaners when performing your kitchen cleaning. Many of the tips below utilize substances that are healthier, less expensive and more green than those commercially produced.

I hope these tips will help you get your kitchen cleaning done faster so you can get on with the rest of your life!

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Kitchen Cleaning Products

Orange Cleaners The majority of the orange cleaners use petroleum distillates. Be careful using them on or around rubber gaskets of any kind (dishwashers, refrigerators, blenders, etc.). The petroleum distillates can cause the rubber to break down.

Gentle All Purpose Cleaner An inexpensive, gentle and general all purpose cleaners is liquid Ivory dish soap. It does a great job of cleaning most kitchen surfaces and does not leave a residue. Try filling a spray bottle with 1 to 2 squirts of liquid Ivory dish soap and then fill the bottle approximately 1/2 with water. The Ivory mixture above cleans most kitchen surfaces and appliances.

Stain Removal You probably have one or more of these at home already. Try using them the next time you have a stain.

The following products work well for general stain removal.

  1. Make a solution of 50/50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Blot this solution on the spot. Let it soak on the spot for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Scrubbing a spot lightly with baking soda may also work well, depending on the stain.
  3. Shaving cream can also be applied to remove difficult stains.

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Odor & Stain Removal

Some surfaces are easier to clean and maintain than others. The list below will help you decide the best product to use for each surface mentioned in your kitchen cleaning:

Stainless Steel Scratch marks on stainless steel are nearly impossible to remove. Use a rubber mat to help prevent scratch marks on stainless steel sinks. For cleaning stainless steel sinks, use Bar Keeper's Friend or Cameo.

Cover food to prevent splatters and burned on food on stainless steel stoves. If spills/splatters occur, wipe up immediately. If they become hardened, pour boiling water on the food and let sit for a few minutes. Put on rubber gloves and gently remove as much food as possible. Scrub with Bar Keeper's Friend or Cameo.

For stainless steel cookware, use the boiling water treatment above first. Don't cook on high heat (medium heat only). Never let pans boil dry. Use Bar Keeper's Friend or Cameo only to scrub stainless steel cookware.

Corion - Harsh cleaners and detergents will damage Corion. Use only mild cleansers (like the Ivory soap solution above) on Corion. To remove tough stains, use Cameo or Bar Keeper's Friend. You can also try a 50/50 solution of baking soda (or Cameo) and hydrogen peroxide. Corion can be lightly sanded with a number 800 grit sandpaper (also known as wet/dry sandpaper -- gray in color). Rub very gently keeping the sandpaper wet at all times. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Appliances These cleaning tips apply to all non-stainless steel appliances. Foaming cleaners that cling to vertical surfaces longer (think Dow Scrubbing Bubbles), allow the cleaner to break down dirt/grease. Make sure to check the directions on the cleaner to be sure it's safe to use on your appliance.

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Marble Do not use harsh cleansers on marble as they damage the surface. Use only mild cleaners (like the Ivory dish soap solution above). Dry marble surfaces after cleaning to prevent water spots from leaving a mark. Marble tends to stain easily. Wipe up spills immediately. Never use vinegar or orange-based cleaners on marble surfaces as the acid in them can damage the marble surface. Peroxide is safe for stain removal.

Tile Tile grout can be difficult to clean. Tile grout is porous. Stains can set in easily. Also, the porous nature of tile grout means that some cleaning solutions can pass through without removing the stain. Clean all spills immediately. The longer a spill sets, the great the possibility of a stain setting in. Use a mixture of 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water in a spray bottle. Spray the stained grout and allow the solution to set for at least 30 minutes. Retreat if needed. Do not use peroxide on colored grout. Bleach will take the color out of the grout.

Tile stores carry a stick that is safe for any color grout. It looks like a stick of chalk. Simply drag it across the stain and remove after about an hour. Retreat if necessary. Check with your local tile store to see if they carry a good sealant. If so, consider sealing your tile and grout to keep them sparkling clean.

Refrigerators Refrigerator odors are typically caused by hidden food particles. When cleaning the refrigerator, be sure to clean under the rubber gasket. If, after cleaning, you still have a lingering odor, wipe the refrigerator again with a combination of 1/4 cup vinegar and 2 Tbsp. of baking soda (it will fizz -- don't be alarmed). This usually kills any remaining odors. If you still have an odor, check the refrigerator for Freon leaks. Check out the refrigerator cleaning section for thorough details on refrigerator cleaning.

Microwaves This is easy and works well. To get rid of hard food build up, fill a microwave safe cup filled 1/2 full of water. Microwave on high for approximately 2 minutes. The hot steam loosens hard food debris. Spray with Ivory soap cleaner, rinse and wipe dry.

Dishwashers - Remove the spindles and drawers. Wipe down with Ivory dish soap cleaner. Check manufacturer directions to see if it is safe to use the foaming bath cleaner mentioned above. Run a full cycle to rinse and refresh your dishwasher.

Small Appliances Small appliances can be easily cleaned with a damp towel sprinkled with baking soda. The baking soda cleans without scratching most surfaces.

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Garbage Disposals Scrub with a brush and baking soda. You can pour 2 Tbsp. baking soda inside the disposal and pour 1/2 cup vinegar inside. It will foam, but this is good for the disposal and your drain. Rinse with running water.

Windows & Mirrors Mix the following solution in a 32 oz. spray bottle: 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol and 1/3 cup vinegar. Spray and wipe with a lint free paper towel.

I hope these helpful kitchen cleaning tips (which were contributed by many people) help making your kitchen cleaning a breeze!


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