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Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips:

How many people really enjoy cleaning, let alone cleaning bathrooms?  While I do have a friend that loves to clean, even she doesn't enjoy cleaning a bathroom. However, it is a necessity if you want to live in a clean environment, but it doesn't have to be a laborious chore!

The bathroom cleaning tips on this page are being provided to help you zip through this chore as quickly as possible.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips 2

General Tips

Bathroom Cleaning Tips/General:

Here's a list of supplies to keep in the bathroom that can help make the job easier & faster:

  • Paper Towels/Cleaning Cloths -- Keep a roll of paper towels or cleaning cloths in your bathroom. You can even put up a rack for paper towels or cloths on the back of a cupboard or linen closet door if your linen closet is in the bathroom.
  • Pop-Up Wipes/Anti-Bacterial Spray -- Keep a container of pop-up disinfecting wipes under the sink. Wipe down the sink and countertop after each use. Alternatively, keep some sort of anti-bacterial spray on hand and wipe it down with a cloth.  This will help keep your bathroom sparkling in between general cleanings.
  • Under Sink Plastic Trays -- These plastic trays make it easier to reach items that may get shoved to the back of the cupboard.  Simply pull the trays forward to reach items. They also protect the base of the cabinets from spills and leaks.
  • Shower Saver Spray/Towel Down Your Shower -- You can spray your shower after each use to help keep soap scum build up to a minimum between cleanings.  For a more chemical free alternative, keep an old towel on hand and wipe down the shower after each use.
  • Squeegee -- A good squeegee will help keep shower doors clean and eliminate soap scum, mildew and water spots. Use after spraying with Shower Saver Spray or wipe with your old towel. Hot steam is a good cleaner -- make use of it and clean while you're in the shower!
  • Glass Cleaner -- Keep an extra bottle of glass cleaner under the sink. You won't have to lug cleaning supplies all over the house.
  • Scrubber Sponge -- Keep an all-purpose scrubber sponge in each bathroom under the sink. It's easy to clean up as you go. Store the wet sponge in an old plastic drink cup to let it dry out between uses.  Replace it on a regular basis.
  • Don't Use -- Disinfectant or soap scum/mildew removers on mirrors.
  • Don't Forget -- To wipe down doorknobs, switch plates, cabinet knobs, and toilet handle.
  • Bleach Pen -- Keep a bleach pen and old toothbrush handy for stains and spills on caulking.

  • Specific Bathroom Cleaning Tips

    These bathroom cleaning tips are specific to each area of the bathroom.

    Shower Mats Use a small amount of diluted bleach and warm water solution. Spray on shower mats and brush clean with a stiff brush. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry with paper towels or an old towel or cloth.

    Sinks Here are some good sink tips:

    • Rub light stains with a fresh cut lemon
    • For dark stains (think rust) rub with a paste made of borax and lemon juice.
    • For stainless steel sinks, wipe with vinegar or a touch of oil on a cloth to make them sparkle.

    Bathroom Cleaning Tips 4

    Bathtub Rings Here are tips on cleaning up bathtub rings:

    • Avoid using oils in your bath water
    • Use a water softener if you have hard water in your area
    • Rinse tub immediately after bathing
    • Wipe off rings with undiluted ammonia (wear rubber gloves). You can also use a wet sponge and baking soda. Rinse clean, wipe dry. For stubborn stains, use an automatic dish washing detergent
    • Caulking can be cleaned by using rubbing alcohol. It also shines glass and chrome. You can also use liquid chlorine bleach to clean caulking. The new bleach pens work well (small tips that fit the caulking lines). Scrub with an old toothbrush. Rinse and wipe dry.

    Toilet Bowl Here's the best ways to get the ugly job done fast:

    • When you leave home, pour about 1/4 cup bleach in the bowl. Leave it to soak until you return. Flush.
    • Pour 1/2 gallon of white vinegar in the bowl and let it soak overnight. Flush the next morning. Do this about once a month to keep the bowl fresh.
    • Avoid using bleach if you use a cleaner that stores in your tank or bowl that activates on flushing. You might get a bad chemical reaction.
    • To help prevent clogging, pour 1 cup baking soda and some vinegar down the bowl weekly.

    Bathroom Cleaning Tips 6

    Shower Tile Here's a handy tip on shower tile:

    • To prevent soap and hard water buildup on shower tile, use a good tile cleaner. Then apply a good past wax (just like you use on cars). Buff dry to deter future water spots.

    Shower Doors Here's how to get shower doors sparkling:

    • Remove soap residue by rubbing shower doors with a sponge and white vinegar.
    • Clean shower door tracks by pouring full strength white vinegar into the track. Soak for a few minutes, then rinse. Dry with paper towels or dry cloth.
    • Use acrylic floor finish to give new shine to fiberglass doors. It makes water spots disappear.

    Bathroom Cleaning Tips 7

    Cleaning Shower Curtains Here's the answer to: "How do I clean a shower curtain?"

    • Place shower curtains in the tub. Soak shower curtains in a salt water solution to prevent mildew. Soak them before re-hanging.
    • Remove mildew from shower curtains. Wash in hot soapy water. Rub with lemon juice and let dry in the sun.
    • For plastic shower liners, clean with a laundry pre-wash spray. Start at the top and let the product run down the curtain. Let sit for a few minutes, rinse and hang to dry.

    I hope you found these bathroom cleaning tips helpful.

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