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Kids School Bags
Learn How to Organize Backpack and Book Bags

Kids school bags 1

Kids School Bags

Organizing your kids school bags and backpacks doesn't have to be a "thorny" issue unless you bought the bag on the left. LOL!

The tips on this page will provide some general guidelines regarding what to look for in a backpack or book bag.  Not everything is needed or will be useful to every kid.  You know your kid better than anyone.  Take these tips into consideration when searching for a new bag.

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Things to Look for In a
Kids School Bag or Backpack

  • Kids love color, so be sure to keep that in mind when purchasing your new backpack or book bag for the new school year.
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  • Bags should be durable and have plenty of inside and outside pockets. It might even be a good idea to a consider a bag that's waterproof. It should be appropriately sized for your child.
  • Teach your child not to fill it with every book they have! Over-loading the book bag is harmful to your child's spine and (of lesser importance) will ruin the bag.
Kids school bag 4

Keep it Organized Tips

Here are some handy tips to keep their backpacks and book bags organized. No more losing your homework!

  • Put keys, pens/pencils, and small objects in outside pockets where they are easy to reach.
  • If you bag doesn't have outside pockets, use the one on the inside instead.
Kids school bag 5

  • Water bottles, sports drinks, sodas, etc. are best in a pocket with a net and stored on the outside, away from books and papers.

  • If you participate in sports, band, etc., keep a separate bag for each activity.

  • Go through the bag and clean it out daily. It's best to do it right after you come home. No moldy lunches!

  • File your papers and pin up your notes when you come home. Write your reminders on your white board. You won't forget if you do it right away.

    Kids school bag 6

  • Pack your bag now to short cut your time in the morning. If you're not a morning person, packing your books now will let you sleep later in the morning!
    Kids school bag 7

  • Purchase smaller zip bags for small items so they won't get lost in the bigger bag. You won't have to dig in the bottom of your bag for your homework, pen, pencil or lip gloss!

    Following these simple tips will help your child have a great school year!

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