Produce Storage Guidelines

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Produce Storage Guidelines

As stated on Refrigerator Food Storage, foods cost money.

Increasing fuel prices also drives up the cost of food. It makes good sense to take care of the food you spend your hard earned money on.

Information on knowing how to store food correctly will prolong the life of your food. It also reduces the risk of E-coli and salmonella, which keeps you and your family safe and healthy.

You become a five star restaurant with proper refrigerator food storage:

  • Safe food to eat
  • Most of the nutrients remain
  • Your health is improved by eating healthy food
  • Texture and flavor are retained
  • Save money by not wasting food

Use the handy chart below to help you get the most from your food!

Produce Storage Guidelines
Refrigerator Storage Information

The Recommended Storage Times (RST) below are based on storage temperature of 37°F.

Produce Guidelines Chart

Food ItemRSTHandling Tips
Apples1 to 3 weeksGet rid of bruised or decayed fruit.
Bananas1-3 daysRefrigerate only when fully ripe.
Berries, Cherries1-2 daysStore in moisture resistant bag or wrap.
Citrus3 weeksDo not wash before storing -- moisture may encourage spoiling.
JuicesBottled, reconstituted, frozen, canned (6 days)Keep tightly covered. Transfer canned juice to plastic or glass container if not used within one day.

Do not return unused juice to container (prevents bacteria growth).

Melons1 weekWrap uncut pieces to prevent odor spreading to other foods and retain moisture.
Asparagus1-2 daysKeep stems moist.
Beans (green or wax)1-2 daysKeep in crisper in moisture proof bags or wrap.
Beets, carrots, radishes1-2 weeksRemove leafy tops. Keep in crisper.
Corn in husks1-2 daysStore in crisper.
Lettuce (unwashed)5-7 daysKeep in moisture proof wrap, bag or lettuce keeper.
Lettuce (washed/drained)3-5 daysStore away from other produce to prevent russet spotting.
Mushrooms (fresh)1-2 daysDo not wash before storing.
Onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yamsIndefiniteRefrigeration not necessary. Store in cool, dry location (cupboard or pantry).
Shredded cabbage, leaf and bib lettuce, salad greens1-2 daysStore in moisture resistant wrap or bag.
Tomatoes1-2 daysRipen at room temperature away from direct sun. Refrigerate.
Unshelled peas, limas, spinach3-5 daysKeep in crisper in moisture-resistant wrap or bags.

I hope you found these produce storage guidelines helpful!

[Note: Information obtained from Texas Agricultural Extension Service, The Texas A&M University System]


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