Dairy Storage Tips

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Dairy Storage Tips

As stated on Refrigerator Food Storage, food costs are increasing. It makes good sense to take care of the food you spend your hard earned money on. K

Having information to know how to store food correctly (and for how long) will prolong the life of your food and keep you and your family safe. If you don't know how to store food, the dairy storage tips on this page will help.

Dairy products can go bad quickly when not taken care of properly. The Dairy Food Storage Tips below is one of 5 tables being provided by Straighten-Up-Now.com to keep you and your food in top-top shape!

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Most foods do best from 34°F to 40°F. Above 40°F foods tends to spoil rapidly. Check temperature with a refrigerator thermometer. If you don’t have one, try using an outdoor thermometer

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Dairy Storage Tips

The Recommended Storage Times (RST) below are for storage at 37°F.

Dairy Storage Tips Chart

Butter1-2 weeksWrap or cover tightly. Keep 1-2 day supply. Store in butter keeper.
Margarine4-6 monthsWrap, cover or keep in butter keeper. Keep 2 week supply.
Cottage/Ricotta5 daysKeep packed tightly in moisture-resistant wrap.
Neufchatel Cream Cheese2 weeksKeep packed tightly in moisture-resistant wrap.
Hard & Wax Coated: Cheddar, Edam, Gouda, Swiss, Brick, etc.Large pieces: Unopened (3-6 months); Opened (3-4 weeks); Sliced (2 weeks).If outside of hard cheese is moldy, cut away mold. Doesn't affect flavor or safety.
Parmesan, Romano (granted & opened)2 monthsRefrigerate after opening.
Processed & Sliced cheeses3-4 weeksKeep covered and refrigerate slices.
Canned Cheese3-4 weeksRefrigerate jars, cans after opening. Squeeze packages and aerosol cans usually don't need refrigeration (but check package).
Eggs In shell (2-3 weeks); Whites (3 days); Yolks (3 days) Store in covered container with small ends down to center yolks. Cover yolks with water and store in covered container.
Milk & Milk Products:n/an/a
Buttermilk3-5 daysCover tightly. Flavor not affected if separation occurs. Remix before serving.
Cream (light, heavy, half-and-half)3 daysCover tightly. Do not return unused cream to original container (prevents bacteria growth).
Coffee Creamer (liquid)3 weeksDo not return unused creamer to original container (prevents bacteria growth).
MilkEvaporated-Opened (4-5 days); Homogenized, reconstituted dry nonfat, skimmed (5 days)Keep covered and containers tightly closed. Don't return unused milk back to containers (prevents bacteria growth).
Milk Sweetened, condensed (opened)4-5 daysKeep covered. Don't return unused milk back to containers (prevents bacteria growth).
Sour Cream Dips Commercial (2 weeks); Homemade (2 days)Keep both tightly covered.
Sour Cream2 weeksKeep covered.
Whipped Topping Aerosol can (3 months); Mix (3 days); 1 oz. frozen and thawed (2 weeks).Keep covered.
Yogurt7-10 daysKeep covered.

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I hope this chart helpful.

Well, now that we've milked this subject (enough of the dairy humor), go to one of the other helpful links below for additional food storage guidelines.

[Note: Information obtained from Texas Agricultural Extension Service, The Texas A&M University System]


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