How to Do Laundry

How to Do Laundry 1 Not everyone is taught how to do laundry. Many people (myself included) found themselves on their own for the first time without a clue how to do laundry!

How to Do Laundry 2

For those new to laundry, here are some quality laundry basic tips you should follow:

  • Always, always, always (did I say always?) check your clothing labels. Not everything is washable!
  • Prior to washing, clothing needs to be separated according to color and type of fabric.
  • Separate your clothes into the following categories: White clothes (think white t-shirts and undies), color and/or dark clothes (but not jeans), jeans, sheets, towels, delicates and light weight fabrics.
  • Don't wash synthetics (nylon, lycra, etc.) in the same load as clothing with natural fibers (wool, cotton, etc.)
  • Don't mix colored clothing with whites (guys have been known to wind up with pink underwear when a red item gets accidentally mixed in with their whites).
  • Always check ALL pockets prior to washing clothes -- gum, pens, etc. left in pockets have ruined many clothing items.
  • Wash baby laundry separately with mild detergent.
  • Hand wash delicates (hosiery, lingerie, etc.). Woolite works well on hand washables and delicates.
  • In the alternative, wash delicates in the washer (don't add any other type of clothes to this load). Use a zipper bag specially designed for delicates and tuck them inside and zip them up prior to tossing in the wash. Use the gentle cycle.

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  • Hand wash sweaters (only those that are washable -- check the label -- dry clean the rest). Lay them flat to dry.
  • If you use regular chlorine bleach, check the labels on your clothes to be sure the item can be bleached.
  • Use a color safe bleach on your colored clothing. Be sure to check the label to see that it's safe to use bleach of any kind.
  • Wash lightweight items and delicates separately. Don't mix with jeans or heavy items (towels, etc.).
  • Wash jeans separately, but don't overload either the washer or dryer. Jeans are heavy. Do more than one load if you have quite a few pairs of jeans to wash.
  • Never use bleach on wool, silk, and treated cottons.
  • Wash bath and kitchen towels separately from sheets unless . If washed together, towels can leave fuzz balls on your sheets.

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Stain Removal

One of the most important parts of laundry is stain removal. If you can't get the stains out of your clothing, you probably won't wear the item.

The most important part of stain removal is try to treat the stain immediately before it becomes set in. A great tool for that is a Tide-to-Go pen. I keep them everywhere -- laundry room, purse, desk drawer, under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. These are great for treating stains when you're away from home.

If you don't have a Tide-to-Go pen, you can put laundry detergent (liquid works best) on the stain and let it sit for at least 5 minutes prior to washing. The sooner you treat the stain, the better.

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Be sure to pre-treat any stain prior to washing the item. Washing will cause the stain the become fixed and nearly impossible to get out.

If the garment is white and the label says it is safe to bleach, you should also consider using a bleach pen on the stain prior to washing. How to Do Laundry 5 Some people swear by various stain removal products (Oxiclean, Shout, Spray 'n Wash, etc.). I've used various ones, and most do a good job. However, treating the stain as soon as possible (and prior to washing the item) is the most important thing you can do.

Many people use water to dilute a stain -- have you seen people use their napkin and water glass on food stains in restaurants? However, be careful about putting water on some fabrics. Silk for instance can leave a water ring.

Using these quality how to do laundry tips should keep you out of hot water (sorry, couldn't resist the laundry pun)!!


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