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The Scotch Tape

by Ms. Billie M. Spaight
(Richmond Hill, NY, USA)

I'm a be-prepared-for-anything, just-might-need it, and sentimental packrat. When my sister Vicki and I were packing for a train trip across the country, I tried to include everything that I thought we would possibly need. One of the items I planned to include was a roll of Scotch tape. My sister was quite amused and did her best to convince me not to include the tape. What, she asked, could we possibly do with Scotch tape while rolling across the country from New York City to San Francisco and then to San Dimas, California?

What indeed? While on the train, something happened to my glasses and a piece of Scotch tape could have temporarily fixed the problem. I reminded my sister that she was the one who had talked me out of bringing it. She admitted that I was right.

Years later, when Vicki sent me some Christmas presents, among them was a tiny dispenser for Scotch tape. Remembering the incident, I laughed like crazy and then e-mailed her to tell her that her gift reminded me of that trip.

"That's why I sent it to you?" she replied.

What did I do with the tape?

I saved it. It has sentimental value and somebody just might need it.

Shelly's comments:

What a wonderful and amusing family story. Thank you, Billie, for sharing it with us. Even though I'm a professional "organizer," I like to be prepared for "emergencies" on trips. I keep 2 small zipper bags packed for trips: (1) containing medical supplies; (2) office/miscellaneous (scotch tape is one I keep also)!

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