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Reminder Cards

by Meagan E. Styles
(Cheshire, England)

I am the worst with remembering homework and my textbok and blah blah blah. But, I thought of a way to just remind myself to remember to bring home that binder that costs my grade!
I cut up a whole bunch of little papers, big enough to write on. I wrote little things listed below and folded them. Now, I store them in a magnetic holder in my locker. Everyday before I close my locker, I take the minute and think about the card while searching my locker. If it mentions a textbook, I think about my day.

Another good tip is to just go through your entire day, think back to those 5 homework boards you saw or what you wrote down and hrough everything you have- dont assume.

Some things I wrote were:
-Check your agenda!
-Do you have science or social studies tomorrow?
-Do you need your binder tonight?
-When is that prject due?
-Do you have your book?
-Is that worksheet done?

Then I put some studying cards listing a vocab definition or a fact on a test. Those I replace after the test. Other studying cards I use are:

-Gotta study anything?
-When that test coming up?
-Remember to study!

A good way to end the day (that rhymed) is to give yourself a boost of confidence through reflection. Some cards I put just to make me smile are:

-Did yu see the way he looked at you?
-Cute hair!
-You should wear that dress tomorrow! (a substitute for this is your favourite item, mine happens to be a dress)
-He really likes you!
-Have a great night!
-Lets listen to some (your favorite band/artist) tonight!

These really help me remember what I need!!

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