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For a large family

by Donna Maddox

I have a large family and have been doing professional organizing for a while. I am very much into color coordinating. Seems to simply life for me and the children. I assigned the children there favorite color and kept there school supplies all that color EXAMPLES: Christian (Blue) Kirsten(Purple) Kristina (Pink) so all Christians backpack,lunch box,pencil box etc. Are blue, Kirsten's Purple, Kristina Pink . No I also had there names embroideredon lunch boxes and back packs. I have a seperate basket in the fridge for the ice lunch packs and a seperate basket for there lunch containers so we are not having to dig through all the tupperware containers. Makes it much easier to get things ready. I also have a seprate hook for the backpacks and lunch boxes so they are easy to locate. (if they put them where they are suppose to be)Hope this helps!

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