Baby Nursery Design 1 These baby nursery design tips will help you get off to the right start . . .

8 Steps For a Great Baby Nursery
By Shelly Morton

Oh the excitement of preparing for your first baby. There is nothing that compares!

Thinking about everything that has to be done cam make you feel feel over-whelmed. It is a big job, but these tips will give you a good place to start.

Good preparation now will help ease the transition once you bring your bundle of joy home and the reality of lack of sleep, diaper changing and early morning feeding sets in. If your nursery is prepared ahead of time and organized properly, both you and baby will have less stress and a place to be together.

Follow these baby nursery design tips below:

Baby Nursery Design 2

Baby Nursery Design Tips

Tip 1:Clear Out Clutter You should have a separate room for baby to call his/her own, if space allows. Clear out all items not related to the purpose of the room. Get creative and find another place for your home office and overnight guests!

Tip 2: Baby Closet As your baby grows, it will be very important for the closet in his/her room to be dedicated solely to items belonging to the child. Prepare now. Move items not baby-related to another area. Consider letting go of some items. This will save time after the baby arrives.

Tip 3: Creative Storage Space Babies require a lot of baby-related gear. You will need places to store everything. While shopping for furniture and other items, be sure the items have plenty of storage space included. Utilize vertical space by utilizing hooks and shelves on the walls. Put the dresser in the closet, if space provides. If you are utilizing a rocker and ottoman, get an ottoman with a hinged lid for storing baby blankets, etc. Utilize a hanging shoe bag near the baby changing table for storing powder, lotion and diapers. Get creative!

Tip 4: Baskets and Bins Decorative baskets and colorful bins are great places for storing items such as toys, books, etc. You can usually find them with cloth linings relatively inexpensively. They not only contain the baby clutter, but look great in the room as well.

Tip 5: Like Things Together A basic principle of organizing is to group like items together in the same place. Put baby bathing supplies (towels, wash cloths, powder, hairbrush, etc.) together in a basket for transporting to the area you will bath baby. Put changing supplies (diapers, rash cream etc.) near the changing station and put an extra set in your diaper bag.

Tip 6: Toy Storage There are many ways to store toys: toy chests, bins, baskets are just a few. Pick out your favorite item that fits in your space plan. Do not keep adding storage for toys. Most children have far too many toys and typically only play with a few items. Donate or garage sale the rest and keep the clutter to a minimum.

Tip 7: Give It Up Babies outgrow clothing, furniture, toys, etc. relatively quickly. You don't have to keep everything. Pick only a few sentimental items to treasure (hand/foot print, baby shoe, first hair curl, special clothing item, etc.). Purchase special items to display or keep those items and discard the others.

Tip 8: Growing Space Children grow quickly. This means that they will out grow their current clothing. Have a special bin or basket for donating clothing that no longer fits and items your child no longer needs. Be sure to leave growing room in your child's closet. As your child gets older, clothes, toys and other items will take up more room. Learn to leave some drawers and shelves empty. This will create less stress for you and your child. You eliminate being out of room again and again.

Baby Nursery Design 3

Following these baby nursery design tips will help you have a smooth transition with your new arrival.

Have a happy baby homecoming! [a published eZine article]

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