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To Build or Not To Build

by LHM

To Build or Not To Build

Hi...I am pretty good about keeping my garage as clutter free as I can, but now I have a bit of a dilemma.

I am considering taking on a project vehicle, which may entail having many parts scattered about during the restoration.

With 2 cars in the garage already, I will have to move one outside while I work on the project vehicle.

Our shed has no more practical space, and the garage is pretty much at it's storage capacity.

The question is, should I just do with what I have (because of a very small budget), or invest in adding a larger storage shed...or even add another garage?

Thanks for your help.

Shelly's Comments:

Thanks for the question LHM!

With regard to utilization of your existing garage space, have you checked your overhead space? Often this is an area that gets over-looked. For example, do you have scrap lumber lying on the floor? If so, consider re-purposing some of it by making an overhead storage rack. You can store the rest of the lumber there. This frees up floor space. This would, of course, depend on the height of your garage ceiling and the height of your vehicles.

Also, I would ask you to check your garage and see if some things be eliminated (trashed, donated, given away). Too often the garage becomes the place for things "I might use some day." Be realistic about whether you will ever really use them or not.

You might also want to check your vertical wall space. See if more things can be hung on the walls. You can also consider transferring some items to the attic, if you have one.

Insofar as budgets go and whether to replace your existing shed, you might take such things into consideration as whether the existing shed is in good repair. If it is in bad shape, it can be a safety hazard. If it will need expensive repairs it is often less costly in the long run to replace it with a new, bigger shed that offers better space utilization (budget providing).

Please let me know what you ultimately decide on. Of course, if you have other questions, I will be happy to help. God bless!

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