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Reusing interior refrigerator/freezer bins and shelves for drawer organizers

Recently had a side by side refrigerator/freezer "die" and instead of seeing all the the door bins end up in the landfill, we used the inside door bins from the refrigerator/freezer doors as drawer bins for our cooking utensils. Also used some of the bins in our kitchen cabinets as "baskets" to hold those numerous vitamin bottles and spices.
A bonus was the adjustable glass shelves and brackets from the interior of the refrigerator/freezer were removed and mounted as shelves in another part of our house for shelf storage. Those items if ordered as replacement parts from the refrigerator/freezer company would have totalled over $200.00. The store that came to pick up our "dead" refrigerator/freezer said that was one of the best ways they have seen to reuse the interior parts of a no longer useable refrigerator/freezer. Hope others can benefit from this tip.
Shelly's Comment: What an wonderful tip! Thanks for the submission!

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