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Put these in your drawers

by Amy Levy
(Los angeles)

ChicWrap is super cool

ChicWrap is super cool

Have you ever had to wrestle with plastic wrap? Did you cut your fingers on the hacksaw blade, had the wrap stick to itself or settle back on the roll where it’s impossible to find the end again? Then you must still live in the dark ages, in a world pre-ChicWrap. You must not realize, that in 2013, ChicWrap was born to make kitchens all over the world a happier, easier, more convenient and stylish place to be. Visit

How did this all come to be? In 1994, the Allen Reed Company invented a new dispenser for holding plastic wrap that would soon transform the way chefs and the foodservice industry wrapped and stored food. The research and development team at Allen Reed kept at it, later inventing their now patented ZipSafe Cutting System that offered users absolute ease and safety when cutting plastic wrap. The seemingly “magical button” made each cut effortless, neat, and a must have in every kitchen!

Then in 2013, the company launched ChicWrap, the equivalent safety cutting system for consumers housed in stylish designer dispensers that could be displayed proudly out on the counter instead of being hidden away in the pantry like other messy, twisted boxes of kitchen wrap.

ChicWrap products have been uniquely designed so that anyone can use them. From young kids with super sticky hands to those with arthritis or a tremor, cutting just the right amount of wrap is foolproof and safe. After all, who hasn’t cut themselves on that sharp blade on most other dispensers? Because before ChicWrap was invented, it was all but impossible to have one-handed control of plastic wrap.

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