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by nasheli
(crowley, texas, us)

my kids closet

my kids closet

My question is, how can I organize my kids closet on a budget? We live in a 2 bedroom apartment. All 3 of my kids, and the 1 on the way arriving in November. All are sharing a small walk in closet and they still have more clothes but I can't make it fit anymore...?

Shelly's comment:

Nasheli: Bless your heart! You do have your hands full! If the picture you submitted is a picture of your closet, it looks like you've done an excellent job.

My suggestions would be:
1. Make sure you are using all the wall space inside the closet. It would appear that you might be able to install another clothing rack on the right-hand side of the closet. You might also be able to install an additional shelf above the one in the picture at the back of the closet.
2. Make sure you are using your door space (racks or bags that hang on the back of the closet, bedroom, bathroom doors.
3. Be sure to purge any clothing that is not wearable (torn or stained beyond repair).
4. If you're keeping clothing to hand down to the other children, you can store them in another location (for example, under the bed storage).
5. If possible, and the closet has a high ceiling, you could install a rod very high up and store seldom used clothing there.
6. Unless there is no other place for it, the chest of drawers in the picture is taking up a lot of extra room. You could install some additional wire shelving there instead of the chest.
7. Get creative about clothing storage in other areas of our home --- laundry room, drawers, chests, drawers, etc.

I hope you found these tips useful. Have a blessed day!



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Sep 23, 2015
Cool idea
by: Manu

It is indeed a big task to organize the clothes of three children in a closet as you have mentioned. Well, sectioning the place for all the kids and using each sector to its max would be the only effective solution.

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