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My Great Clothes Storage Story

by Sophie

Clothess Storage Clearout

Clothess Storage Clearout

My clothes storage used to take over my life until I found the number 1 golden rule of closet storage...

Did you know we only use less than 40% of what is in our closest?

The great declutter
I learned off a friend how to declutter properly. These are my top decluttering tips...

Time = 2 hours
Resources = black bin liners

1. Start your closet organisation by removing everything from you closet and laying in on the bed.

2. Congratulations your 50% of the way there!

3. Then sort the pile into 2:-
Have worn in the last 12 months
Have not worn in the last 12 months

All those you have not worn can go into a black bin bag

3. Try on all the remaining clothes. If they fit keep them, if they don't put them in the black bin bag.

This should have reduced your closet space by at least 50%. Remember to recycle or donate your unwanted clothes.

Shelly's comments: Great contribution Sophie!

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