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Moca Coffee Stain on White Polyester Jersey

by Robert Morin
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Try your Grand or Great-grand mother's old fashioned and simple method first.
I had purchased a beautiful $250 (away from home) white Jets NHL Hockey Jersey and wore it very proudly to my first Jets game, to which I had taken my oldest nephew. The next game, four weeks later I took his step-father; and, as a thank you treat, he bought me my favorite Tim Horton's XL Café Moca. The corner of the small drinking spout was loose and several times I spilled the coffee, whipping cream, chocolate syrup and added moca chocolate on several large spots on the pure white front. Now it's 20 days of procrastination, and I am taking my other nephew to the game tomorrow night.
I cannot find my stain removal book. Meanwhile my nephew calls to confirm arrangements; and, I tell him of all of the possible combinations of stain removal chemicals that I have at my disposal. He reminds me that the Jerseys are made of a synthetic plastic polyester type of material; and, he warns me not to go that route. Instead he advises that I try simple soap and cool water. Then I remembered what my mother did during the years of the Great Depression, WWII and long afterwards. She raised 9 boys and washed all of our clothes by hand, with a scrub board and a large yellow bar of Sunlight® (Yellow) Soap. I did exactly that with cold water, and every bit of stain came out with just a bit of scrubbing. My expensive white Jets NHL Jersey is a white as new.

Thanks, Robert. Winnipeg of course. Home of the Jets - Fueled by Passion!

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