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Is a Garage for Cars, Storage, or Both?

by Larry

Walk into anyone's garage. What will you see? Probably 50% of the time there will be anything but a vehicle there.

If there are 2 or more garages available to the owner(s) I can almost assure you that at least one will be full of household items and all of the sundry items accumulated in a household.

Now I'm not saying that there is anything inherently wrong with what folks choose to do with their space. I am saying that there is a better way.

First of all, your car is a big investment that depreciates faster than most of us can make payments. Leaving a vehicle to the elements places significant wear on the exterior, interior, and even the mechanical and electrical components.

If you live in a very hot summer climate, a cold winter climate, or even a moderate climate with extreme seasons of violent weather, your car is at a higher risk of deterioration or damage than one that is kept in a closed shelter (i.e. garage).

Now for the solution to garage space for cars, storage, or both. The best answer is "both". This can be accomplished by doing away with all unnecessary items in your garage. If you are a "hoarder" you will need further help unless you change your ways.

Give away, sell, donate, or throw away items that you will probably never use again. Next, build or invest in inexpensive shelving around all of the usable interior perimeter of the garage. Put the items that you will keep stored on the shelves. If you run out of space on the shelves pare down what you have again until you get EVERYTHING on those shelves.

Do this and you will have room for your vehicle(s) ultimately preserving the value and usability of your car, truck or van for a much longer time.

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