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How to Organize the Garage into Zones

by Cortney Agren
(Daphne, Alabama )

Most of the time, few of us actually know where to put and where we have put things in the garage. This makes it even harder to find things after the organizing is done. We put together a list of quick ways to make specific zones in the garage to make finding your items and tools easier.

Start simple. As with anything, don’t stress yourself out so that you lose your taste for organizing. There are so many different ways to organize the garage and none of them are wrong, or even right. To find your perfect garage zone organization plan, you are in the driver's seat. I could pretend like I know what your home needs. (Sadly, that’s not possible.) Luckily, you know what your family needs when it comes to frequently used items. Zone your garage in a way that will best benefit your family.

Plan the zones. Your garage could have a mudroom zone, beach zone, snow removal zone, etc. This is a wonderful customized plan based on what you need.

Start with frequently used items. This is obviously going to be a high traffic zone. Place lawn mowers, cleaning supplies and even golf clubs in this area. Try placing bins in this area for loose items. The best place to zone frequently used items is by the garage door. Chances are that they will being seeing the outside world often. Make it easy on yourself by placing this zone by the door.

Keep home items close. There are so many things that we often use inside the house but keep them in the garage. Try placing garbage and recycling bins outside the door that goes out to the garage (if your garage is connected). This will make you more likely to go to the garage when those things need to be put away. A great solution for your dog food, extra cleaning supplies and toilet paper would be shelving. Everything is kept where you can easily see it, but everything is properly placed.

Try a garage mudroom. Sometimes you don’t have a built in mudroom into the house. Why not fashion one in the garage? Try having a garage mudroom to make entrance into the house less stressful on whoever cleans it. Children and adults can remove their shoes and coats and place them on shoe racks and hooks.

One step further. Take the zoning up a notch by trying the following tips: Start the zoning process by placing items that would coincide with each zone in a designated place. You have boogie boards and pool noodles? Put them in the beach zone. Are there loose rakes and brooms? Put them in the yard tool section with your brand new leaf blower.

Implementing these simple steps will help you get your garage zoned in a weekend. This will simplify the “finding time” of your items.

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