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Always prepared, no excuses .....

by Donna Maddox

I was always getting excuses on reasons why the kids couldn't get the home work done. They didn't have this or that supply so I went ahead and bought a wooden drawer unit with 9 drawers in the unit and took actual photos of the items that they needed to complete homework assignments colored pencils,regular pencils,markers,glue,etc. And with mod podge I put the picture on each drawer and put the items in the drawer with the corresponding picture and now home work is easy! I know they have all the items they need and they very easy to find as they just have to look at the picture on the drawer unit. (I did this just cause I have such a big age group of kids and it is a system that can be used by any age) I have pre-K all the way to college aged children! Hope this helps and makes home work easier for you and your children has for mine!

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