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Thank you for publishing this important history in the timeline of being a female. I found your sight from searching for Catherine Marshall's speech in the movie "A Man Called Peter". I recently watched the movie and this was the first novel I checked out of the local library as a young girl. Her writings are still a living work of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ today. In the movie her speech spoke to how I feel today as a Professional about being a woman. We must not become less. I am doing research to write a letter to my favorite news media, Fox News, to ask the Women News Hosts and Female Judge to dress like ladies (lengthen your hemline) and to be Professional in their dress as the men, if they expect to be taken seriously. This culture has lost what Business terminology sounds like and everything must either look too casual or look like trash. If that is who they are then the channel will begin turning more often as my 86 year old Mom says "I'm tired of looking at their legs and ➖➖➖."

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