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SUN July 2022 Newsletter
July 09, 2022
Dear Reader:


It's 100+ in Texas right now and has been for a couple of weeks with a couple more to go. YIKES! If that wasn't bad enough, we haven't had rain for several weeks. We are in a drought and our garden is suffering :( I hope hubby gets our rainwater collection barrel installed before the next rain. We're still working on our urban homestead.

While I started some seeds for a fall garden, our dogs, Buddy & Bear are finding it hard if left out very long in this triple digit heat.

In this addition of SUN: Org Tips Newsletter, we will focus on pets, pet care and tips to keep all your critters happy during the hot dog days of summer.


Plenty of Water

Just like humans, every animal (pet or otherwise) needs plenty of good hydration every day. This is especially critical on hot summer days. Make sure to check your pet's water several times a day. If they drink outside, make sure it's clean and resupply it often as it can become contaminated with debris. Cool fresh water is best!

Appetite May Decrease

During the hot summer months, your pet may not eat as much, and that's ok. Just make sure clean, fresh food is available. Most pets are capable of regulating themselves. If you have an over-achiever eater, you may need to make some adjustments :)

Better to Leave Them at Home

It might comfort you to bring your pet with you, but it really is better to leave them at home when you leave the house. Pets can become stressed in various environments and access to food, water and places to go to the bathroom can be difficult. Do you really want to pick up your dog's doodles in the middle of the store? Something to think about.

Never Leave Them in the Car

If you feel you must have your pet with you, you should NEVER - NEVER - NEVER (did I say NEVER?) leave your pet in the car EVER! Not even for ONE MINUTE! Temps in vehicles can heat up quickly. Pets can become disoriented, dehydrated and stressed very quickly. If you care about them at all, you won't leave them in the car. Not only is it illegal in many states, but your pet could have a fatal heat stroke.

Hiking? Stick to Shade & Wooded Trails

Hot pavement is hard on our feet and it's hard on pet paws too. Although they have better padding than we humans, it still is better to stick to grass or wooded trails to keep their paws safe from burns. Try to stay in the shade or take wooded trails. If that's not an option, consider purchasing some Paw Protectors.

Let Them Swim but with Supervision

A kiddie wading pool can provide not only a good source of water, but it can also allow them to keep cool. If you take your pet to a river, lake or the ocean, let them swim, but never let them swim unsupervised. Things can happen quickly. Their collar could get caught or they could get in an undertow situation. Some pets can panic. While dogs can swim, it's always a good idea to use a lifejacket for your dog. Keep these tips in mind during the hot summer months to keep you AND your pets safe. Have fun out there!

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Gratefully, Shelly Morton

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