August 2009 Issue

It’s hard to believe, but August 2008 was the premiere issue of Messy Makeover Magazine. The time has really flown by very quickly. It has been a joy and labor of love to provide this newsletter to you each month. Hopefully, you have found some tidbits of quality information over the past year.

I sincerely appreciate you taking your valuable time to read this newsletter. I look forward to providing you with another year of helpful home organizing tips.


Shelly Morton

Tips in this issue:

  • Tips for parents to get ready for Back to School

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Parents – Tips to Get Ready for Back to School

It’s August and, for most families, it’s time to start thinking about back to school.

Do I hear the sound of kids groaning and parents rejoicing???

Here are some helpful tips to get you on the road to being ready:

  • Centralized Calendar Place a white board calendar in a high traffic/public area where everyone can see it. Post all upcoming events for the month and the “To Do’s” here. This will help you keep track of the flood of upcoming events: school functions, medical appointments, sports or music practice, etc. You can purchase a different color pen for each family member. You will know at a glance when you have free time available.
  • Declutter Now Don’t wait until school starts to go through your kids room. Declutter and organize now. Check the Organizing Kids section on or learn to set up a Kids Learning Center and be ready for when school starts. Now is also the time to clean out old clothes, shoes, school papers, craft supplies, etc.
  • Make A List & Check It Twice Check all the kids clothes, shoes, bookbags, etc. and make a list of everything they will need. Keep this with your school supplies list so you’ll be ready on your next shopping trip.
  • Check Before You Shop August is the big “event” for clothing retailers. Check newspaper, online and elsewhere for coupons and discounts. Add this information to your list (above). Shop early and get the best deals before suppliers run out of items (especially important on school uniforms and supplies)!
  • Gather All Papers Schools may require past report cards, immunization records or other important information. Be sure you have everything you need and have it handy and ready to go when school starts.
  • Ease Into The New Routine Getting back to a regular routine is hard for everyone, but especially for kids who have been relaxing all summer. Don’t stress yourself or them – ease into the routine. Take the last two weeks of summer and start waking late sleepers a little earlier each day to help them be ready. Plan meal times and snacks around times that the kids will be eating at school.

With a little work and planning, this can be the best school year yet!

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