Summer Time Is Here!

Here in North Central Texas, the temperature is in the mid to upper 90's already. Thankfully, we had a good deal of rain before the hot temperatures kicked in!

Summer Fun usually means being in, around or on the water. My husband and I recently spent a day on Grapevine Lake enjoying a beautiful day with my daughter and son-in-law. I'm not very experienced either in the water or on it, so I'm imparting the wisdom I've learned about safe boating in this article.

I hope you find it useful.
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6 Tips For Safe Boating

My daughter and son-in-law recently purchased a (new to them) 30 foot cabin cruiser and put it on one of the local N. Central Texas lakes. Never having had much experience with boats, I did some research regarding handing boats and safe boating. Even if you don’t personally own a boat, it never hurts to be informed and be safe!

Below are my 6 Tips For Safe Boating (the results of my research).

  1. Take a Boating Lesson or Two: While my husband and son-in-law are both experienced handling boats, my daughter and I had little to no experience. Here are some statistics regarding why taking a boating lesson or two might help:

    • According to the American Boating Association, of the 700 boating-related fatalities in 2009, only 10 percent occurred in a boat with an operator who had had formal safety training.
    • Even if you’re experienced in boat handling, classes can get your knowledge updated and keep you up to date. Even if you’re typically a passenger, navigational knowledge will allow you to step in if an emergency should arise. Knowing the rules will put your mind at ease so you can enjoy the experience.

  2. Check Your Trailer: If you are a boat owner, before you head to the waterfront, make sure that:

    • Your tires are inflated
    • Tie-downs are secure and
    • Lights are hooked up and working properly

  3. Beware & Protect Yourself From CO2: CO2 is an odorless, colorless gas that can make you sick in seconds. Boat motors can produce CO2. Prevent poisoning by installing and maintaining a marine-grade CO detector. If the alarm sounds, don’t disconnect it! It’s going off for a reason!!

  4. Be Careful Around Back Deck and/or Swim Platform: Always stay well away from the back of the boat, back boat deck and/or swim platform when the motor or engine is running.

  5. Stay Connected: Make sure you have a marine radio on board and that it functions properly. It will allow you to communicate with the outside world quickly in case of emergency or in the event you need to check the weather. To find a radio that fits your needs, Rachel Burkholder, Communications Director for the National Safe Boating Council, recommends that you talk to your local marine dealer.

  6. Wear a Life Jacket at All Times: Life jackets and flotation devices that are stored away won’t do you or anyone onboard any good if the boat should capsize. Boating statistics from the National Safe Boating Council show that 84% of boaters who drowned in 2010 were not wearing life jackets. The varieties available today are less bulky and more flexible than those in the past. If you bring your dogs on board (they always bring their pugs), it’s a good idea to have they wear jackets as well.

For tips on finding a life jacket that will fit right and other great boating tips, visit

Anchors Away!!!

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

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