June 2009 Issue

Memorial Day (May 25th) is regarded as the “official” start of summer.

North Central Texas is still reasonably mild (80’s and 90’s). We are somewhat drier that I would like. Our spring rains are not up to acceptable levels to get us through the 100 plus heat in July and August without a lot of extra watering! I planted a vegetable garden in March as well as flowers for our flower bed, so I’m concerned that the plants will burn up if I can’t water as much as I would like.

I hope the weather in your area is seasonable and you are getting adequate rainfall. Enjoy your summer!Welcome to returning subscribers! Thank you for your continued interest and support. I appreciate your time. Welcome also to all the new subscribers this month! I hope you find this issue enjoyable and packed full of helpful information.

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  • Garages: Organize and Use the Space

Garages: Organize and Use the Space

Need extra space? Consider using your garage – they’re not just for cars any more!

You can make your garage an extension of your living space without doing an expensive remodel and enclosing your garage (which most realtors advise against as it may make your home less likely to sell in the future)

Here are some quick garage organizing tips:

  1. Reduce, Reduce, Reduce – almost everyone has far too many old, unused and/or outdated items in their garage. Go through what you have and get rid of outdated or unuseable items. You don’t need to keep old paint, oil or broken planting pots. Dispose of things safely and properly.
  2. Get It Up – utilize your vertical and overhead space wisely. Items such as bicycles can be hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling with the proper storage equipment. Many home improvement stores have excellent garage systems that will help you. Hooks can help hang garden tools, hand tools, etc.
  3. Dress It Up – If the walls don’t look nice, paint will help. Paint the walls and floors. If the walls are unfinished, you can either put up dry wall (more expensive) or hang peg board (less expensive) prior to painting. If painting the floor, purchase a paint that resists oil stains or utilize one of the new snap together floorings especially designed for garages.
  4. Zone It – Put like things together – set aside one area for garden tools and yard equipment; another for tools and car maintenance, etc.

Once you’re done, you can pull the cars out and utilize the garage for extra party space, an exercise room, art studio, etc.

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