Happy 2010!

Can you believe it’s actually 2010? It seems like only yesterday that everyone was worried about the millennium bug of 2000. Dooms-dayers were predicting computer crashes, food shortages and end times!

Well . . . here we are 10 years into the new century despite all the fear mongering!

Speaking of fear mongering, do you ever get tired of all the prophets of doom spouting off things to try to make you fearful? I can recall, back in the day, when I was going to grade school – at that time, it was all about the Cold War, nuclear bombs and the Russians are coming. We were taught to “duck and cover,” (hide under our desks). I always thought it odd that hiding under my desk and covering my head with my hands would protect me from a nuclear blast from Russia—HA!

Not very long ago, dooms-dayers were predicting “global cooling” (am I the only one who remembers this?) the new “Ice Age” and depletion of the ozone layer. The scientists could “scientifically prove” it was going to happen and got everyone upset. Today, its “global warming” and, once again, scientist spout they can “scientifically prove” that it truly is happening. Given a choice between an “Ice Age” and being hot, I’ll choose the heat! Green Gate has proven that the scientists have been manipulating the data about global warming, but not everyone has heard about it. So what’s it all about Alfie? As usual, it all boils down to power and money.

So why am I including this in Messy Makeover Magazine? I think we all can use a “makeover” in our thinking – I know I can! I have to remind myself that God is still in control and will always provide for us regardless of the economy or anything else that makes me afraid. He alone is trustworthy (even when I don’t get what I want). We all need to be good stewards of His riches (because we will have to give an accounting one day). That may include clearing clutter, downsizing, doing more with what we have, shopping less and recycling (among other things). Maybe it’s time to put our trust in someone bigger than the government, stop listening to political rhetoric and do what we can do to make things better within our own sphere of influence. The tips to reduce clutter and get organized that you find in Messy Makeover Magazine and www.straighten-up-now.com will help you get started.

Have a safe, happy and “fearless” new year everyone. Thanks for your continued interest!

Shelly Morton

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New Year Resolutions – Get More Out of Your Resolutions

Remember when you were a kid playing games with your friends? If you or your friends messed up or missed something, you gave each other a “do over.” Christians call this “mercy” and “grace.”

Everyone wants a “do over” in life. That’s one of the many reasons we set New Year Resolutions. We want a “do over” – start again and try to master something that has been out of control or get rid of something that has be controlling us.

Here is a list of some of the most common resolutions people make:

Loose weight – Obesity in the U.S. is at an all time high. I’m no stranger to this problem – I need to shed some excess pounds myself. It’s easy to rationalize it (big bones, heredity, etc.). Bottom line is I eat too much and exercise too little.

Exercising regularly – Most of us in the U.S. are far too sedentary. Most of our jobs (mine included) are sedentary. Most of the things I enjoy doing are also, unfortunately also sedentary (reading, sewing, crochet, watching movies, etc.). I need to step up my activity levels.

Quit smoking – While this is not a personal problem for myself, many struggle with this, especially young people. Smoking is still seen as “hip, cool, radical” or “gangster/street smart” or “tough.” While smoking is not advertised as it once was, I am noticing more people in movies and on TV smoking (always geared to young people).

Reduce stress – Accomplishing this can take many forms: reducing clutter, simplifying the way you live, changing jobs, etc. Getting organized is a great way to help with stress reduction.

Get organized – I saved my favorite for last! How can getting organized help with loosing weight, starting an exercise routine or quit smoking? Cleaning out your pantry of non-healthy food items, restocking with healthier choices and putting them where they are easier to reach can help. Clearing out the clutter in one area of your house and dedicating it as a space to exercise is a start. Rearranging your home in a new configuration and removing items such as ash trays, lighters, etc. can put you into a new routine that can help you overcome the cigarettes.

Whether you realize it or not, what you do and don’t do matters.


Because . . . Everything Counts!

Another term for setting “resolutions” is “goal setting.” There was a time when I simply didn’t set goals due to fear and disappointment. I didn’t know how to set goals and didn’t know how to follow through to achieve them when I did set them. I would either set an impossibly high goal or, I would set a reasonable goal, but didn’t know the steps to follow through to achieve the goal. After many frustrating starts and stops, I simply quit setting goals. I mistakenly assumed there was something wrong with me. It took many years for me to discover how to set goals properly and achieve the goals I set.

If this sounds like you, take heart! It is possible to learn how to set goals and achieve them. I’m living proof!

The first step in the process to getting more out of your resolutions/goals is to identify your true values. This is your “heart” and where you operate from. Our “true values” often change throughout our lifetime. Be aware, however, that one of the obstacles to achieving our resolutions/goals is that we often deceive ourselves about what is truly “valuable” to us. Being ruthlessly honest with ourselves is often difficult, but very necessary if we are to become all we want to become in a healthy way.

There are other steps, such as creating a “Personal Strategic Plan.” The steps to breaking through this year are at your fingertips. Take advantage of them!

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