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One of my goals for this website is not only to provide you with great information but, if you find you have the need for one-on-one assistance, Straighten-Up-Now.com wants to help you find assistance in your area.

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Sunflower Stategies™
Owner: Susan Wade
Goal: Feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start? At Sunflower Strategies, we're here to help. Our mission is to create personal organizing strategies tailored to fit individual needs. We work side-by-side with our clients helping them learn organizing techniques, thereby improving their quality of life. Getting organized will save you lots of time, money, and energy! Whether you need help just organizing the pantry or if you're a lifetime hoarder, we can help you with gentleness and without judgment.
Phone: 281-455-9712
Web Site: www.sunflowerstrategies.com
E-Mail: susan@sunflowerstrategies.com

Cathryn & Co.
Owner: Cathryn Taylor
Goal: Cathryn Taylor, Cathryn & Company. Whether you are an individual or a business, Cathryn offers solutions to help you get organized and stay organized for such a time as this.
Phone: 713-823-7357
Web Site: www.CathrynTaylor.com
E-Mail: ct@cathryntaylor.com

Control the Clutter
Owner: Cari Brenek
Goal: Cari Brenek, Control the Clutter. A Christian organization dedicated to encouraging moms, working inside or outside the home, in their quest for quality family time. We assist in establishing routines, gaining structure, and decreasing clutter.
Phone: 713-294-7322
Web Site: www.ControlTheClutter.com
E-Mail: Cari@ControlTheClutter.com

Efficient Organizers Plus
Owner: Kim Erickson
Goal: Kim Erickson of Efficient Organizers Plus turns piles into files for legal, corporate, small business, home office, and classroom. Put your worst organizing nightmares to rest: paper/computer files, storage areas, collections, photographs/scrapbooks, clutter relief, and room rearranging /decorating.
Phone: 281-773-8646
Web Site: None
E-Mail: off@pro-organizer.net

Get It Straight!Organizing
Owner: Nicole Phillips
Goal: Nicole Phillips of Get It Straight! Organizing provides consultations and hands-on organizing services to help people gain control of the clutter and disorganization that creates problems instead of solutions.
Phone: 713-373-9569
Web Site: www.getitstraight.org
E-Mail: nicole@getitstraight.org

Move Resource Group
Owner: Julie Walker
Goal: Julie Walker, Move Resource Group. Move Resource Group is an innovative corporate relocation consulting company. Julie plans, organizes and oversees all activities associated with a corporate relocation.
Phone: Not given
Web Site: www.moveresourcegroup.com
E-Mail: julie@moverg.com

Order In The House
Owner: Lynne Smith
Goal: Lynne Smith, Order in the House. “Bringing a smile, personal assistance, along with the knowledge and desire to help others." My goal is to leave my clients with a positive experience and the motivation to continue to improve their lifestyle.
Phone: 832-257-7116
Web Site: None
E-Mail: lynne_smith@sbcglobal.net

Organized Time
Owner: Marla Regan
Goal: Marla Regan of Organized Time is a Certified Virtual Office Assistant. She offers paper management, filing systems, office organization, residential organization, virtual office assistance is available from Organized Time. Let Marla help you put systems into place to get organized! Jeremiah. 29:11,13
Phone: 281-861-6779 or 1-888-845-6144
Web Site: www.OrganizedTime.com
E-Mail: Vamarla@aol.com

Organizers Unlimiting
Owner: Maecella Jackson
Goal: Maecella Jackson of Organizers Unlimiting is a professional organizer who works in residential organizing, working with people in their homes organizing rooms, closets or assisting with financials, bill paying and tax papers. Discover your goals and accomplish them!
Phone: 713-664-1660
Web Site: www.HoustonPersonalServices.com
E-Mail: organizedu@msn.com

Organizing Matters®
Owner: Linda Durham
Goal: Linda Durham of Organizing Matters® gives you the tools, techniques and training to change the way you live and work. You will learn organizing principles, decluttering techniques and methods that guarantee success. Gain control over paper, time and the stuff of life. Linda serves Cypress, Cy-Fair and Houston Texas areas.
Phone: 281-304-0695
Web Site: www.OrganizingMatters.com
E-Mail: OM@OrganizingMatters.com

Personally Organized by Joleen
Owner: Joleen Evans
Goal: Joleen Evans of Personally Organized by Joleen offers residential and home-based business organization services. It is her pleasure to encourage her clients as she helps them simplify, wherever possible, and make their lives run more smoothly.
Phone: 832-274-1761
Web Site: www.joleenevans.com
E-Mail: joleen.evans@yahoo.com

Simply Sorted
Owner: Valerie Snider
Goal: Valerie Snider of Simply Sorted serves Tomball and NW Houston. Valerie will help you learn effective and efficient methods for storing your belongings, while minimizing clutter. We will work together to create more space, harmony and free time for you!
Phone: 832-671-3177
Web Site: www.SimplySorted.net
E-Mail: ValSnider07@sbcglobal.net

Simplicity Please
Owner: Trish Turner
Goal: Trish Turner, Simplicity Please, works side by side with you in your home or office space to create a custom organized solution that meets your organizing goals and stays within your budget.
Phone: 713-855-7008
Web Site: www.SimplicityPlease.com
E-Mail: TrishTurner@SimplicityPlease.com

The Right Fit
Owner: Stacie McKay
Goal: Stacie McKay of The Right Fit serves the NW Houston/Cypress area. Stacie specializes in home offices, hobby and craft rooms, closets and most any other room of the house, as well as organizing and displaying photos and memorabilia. Stacie also offers her services to churches in the area.
Phone: 713-401-8506
Web Site: www.therightfit.biz
E-Mail: stacie@therightfit.biz

Transitional Elements for Lifestyle Management
Owner: Lakeda Cunningham
Goal: Lakeda Cunningham of Transitional Elements for Lifestyle Management offers residential and small business organizing and time management services. She helps clients manage these areas in an organized and effective manner.
Phone: 832-239-2121
Web Site: None
E-Mail: transitional.elements@gmail.com


Organized By Terri
Owner: Terri Cox
Goal: Terri Cox of Organized by Terri has been serving north Texas since 2001, creates “calm out of chaos,” with systems to help regain control in all areas of home and office. With expertise, compassion, and a good sense of humor, Terri restores order by de-cluttering, helping you with space planning, time management and paper flow strategies bringing overall life balance.
Phone: 903-819-0368
Web Site: www.OrganizedByTerri.com
E-Mail: Terri@OrganizedByTerri.com


Nooks and Crannies Professional Organizing, L.L.C.
Owner: Janine Godwin
Goal: Janine Godwin, Certified Professional Organizer®, of Nooks and Crannies provides Business and Residential Organizing in Katy and surrounding areas. Member of NAPO and the NSGCD, her focus is to guide her clients through key components of organizing and assist them in achieving their goals of creating a more appealing environment in which to work and live.
Phone: 281-450-5196
Web Site: www.nooks-and-crannies.com
E-Mail: nooksandcrannieskaty@yahoo.com


Radical Renewal
Owner: Sandra Cothran
Goal: Sandra Cothran of Radical Renewal develops "organizing tools for life" for the clients she serves. Radical Renewal is not just an organizing business, but a service of Christian values utilizing skills of organization and developing solutions to assist clients to unclutter their lives.
Phone: 214-513-9910
Web Site: www.radicalrenewal.org
E-Mail: radical_renewal@yahoo.com

Timeless Notions
Owner: Marcie Hatfield
Goal: Marcie Hatfield of Timeless Notions is the mother of 5 and wife of a Pastor for 27 plus years. Marcie speaks on Time management (Prov.10:27 TLB) and offers “hands on” residential organizing to help you GET IT TOGETHER. Member of NAPO
Phone: 972-317-2968
Web Site: www.marciehatfield.com
E-Mail: marciehatfield@fbclewisville.org


Form and Function
Owner: Tracie Begnaud
Goal: Tracie Begnaud of Form and Function provides home and office organization, eliminate clutter, restore order, closet organization, filing systems, moving/relocating, children's rooms, kitchen/pantry organization, household management, interior design, and so on...
Phone: 409-751-0717
Web Site: www.formnfunction.biz
E-Mail: tracie@formnfunction.biz


Order by Design
Owner: Aldreama Harper
Goal: Aldreama Harper of Order by Design is a full service Organizing Company that provides you with the tools you need to work efficiently and regain control of your time, space and environment. From Organizing to residential cleaning services we help you manage your life and maintain a life of order. Whether its home management or office management we help you find solutions.
Phone: 972-978-1155
Web Site: www.INeedOrder.com
E-Mail: Aldreama@yahoo.com

Serenity Space Designs
Owner: Traci Olivares
Goal: Traci Olivares of Serenity Space Designs specializes in custom organization for all areas of the home and for small businesses. From kitchens and closets to home offices and filing systems, Traci can clear the clutter out and stage your home. She creates a new space that is functional, easy to maintain, and works with our clients’ lifestyle.
Phone: 214-325-4194
Web Site: www.serenityspacedesigns.com
E-Mail: traciolivares@gmail.com


A Time and Place for Everything
Owner: Lisa Giesler
Goal: Lisa Giesler of A Time and Place for Everything provides organizing for the way you live. Helping you relax & function more efficiently in all areas of your home. She offers tips to keep you organized.
Phone: 832-277-1745
Web Site: None
E-Mail: simpleorganization@comcast.net


Blissfully Organized
Owner: Jennifer Rab
Goal: Blissfully Organized is a confidential and sensitive service that works for you to bring harmony to your space. We provide services for home, small office, garage, storage facilities, even automobiles. Senior downsizing and preparing homes for quick sale are also available to those individuals in special life-changing situations. We gently work with clients exhibiting ADHD/Obsessive Compulsive tendencies and hoarding.
Phone: 936-558-3468 Fax: 936-564-7556
Web Site: www.blissfullyorganized.com
E-Mail: jennifer@blissfullyorganized.com


Organizing with a Personal Touch
Owner: Cherry Patterson
Goal: Cherry Patterson of Organizing with a Personal Touch helps ladies de-clutter and organize their lives so that they may become more productive, less stressed, and better prepared to succeed at home and in their careers.
Phone: 830-624-6384
Web Site: None
E-Mail: cherry-patterson@satx.rr.com


Amazing Transformations
Owner: Michael Murray
Goal: Michael Murray of Amazing Transformations transforming chaos into functionality and freedom through education, encouragement, and hands-on organizing of your home or office. Specializing in chronic disorganization. Smiles and encouragement at no extra charge!
Phone: 972-820-0444
Web Site: www.AmazingTransformations.com
E-Mail: mm@AmazingTransformations.com

Fran Boggan, Professional Organizer
Owner: Fran Boggan
Goal: Fran Boggan provides home/office organization and management, paper control, filing systems and paper management set up and maintenance, closet organization, garages, attics, relocations, estate and garage sales, baby-proofing and organizing children's rooms.
Phone: 972-380-8609
Web Site: None
E-Mail: FSBoggan@aol.com

Sorted Out
Owner: Tonia Tomlin
Goal: Tonia Tomlin of Sorted Out, in business since 2003, has been featured on HGTV's Mission: Organization. Tonia has helped individuals and families organize closets, garages, and craft rooms. She creates paper systems and does some personal shopping. As a mother of twins, Tonia can give helpful time saving tips to ALL mom's! Organization is Tonia's gift.
Phone: 972-985-7515
Web Site: www.sortedout.biz
E-Mail: tonia@sortedout.biz


Get Organized!
Owner: Lorraine Brock
Goal: Got Clutter? Get Organized! is a professional organizing company serving the DFW area. Our organizers work with you to get your home and life in order. From stacks of paper clutter to bursting closets, we sort, purge and organize using products and systems that will maximize your space and look great. We teach you how to STAY organized with coaching on time management, meal planning, kid's chores, etc. If you have a problem area, we have a solution. Make your house feel like a home again. Call us to schedule a consultation at 972-841-0738 or visit our website.
Phone: 972-841-0738 Fax: 972-690-6132
Web Site: www.GetOrganized.ws
E-Mail: Lorraine@GetOrganized.ws


Owner: Helene Segura
Goal: Helene Segura, formerly of Alamo Organizing, has joined the organizing team at LivingOrder. If you are frustrated because your home, garage, or office does not function the way you want it to, you do have the power to change that feeling. Helene can help you organize your home, office and life!
Phone: 210-892-4990
Web Site: www.livingorder.com
E-Mail: info@livingorder.com

One Difference
Owner: Phyllis Neckar
Goal: Phyllis Neckar of One Difference is dedicated to helping organize your home, office and life. She teaches you how to make daily changes that assist you in living your values and priorities.
Phone: 210-805-9023
Web Site: None
E-Mail: pneckar@sbcglobal.net

Realign, L.L.C.
Owner: Shana Prichard
Goal: Shana Prichard of Realign provides organizing services to business owners and professionals through both individual consulting and group training and workshops. Her organizing solutions are designed to achieve lasting results.
Phone: 210-573-5627
Web Site: www.realignorganizing.com
E-Mail: shana@realignorganizing.com

The Jenkins Interior Design Group
Owner: Mary Lozana Jenkins
Goal: Mary Lozano Jenkins of the Jenkins Interior Design Group is registered interior designer who has done organizing for 27 years of business. Feng Shui used in design/decorating and organizing.
Phone: 210-490-0161
Web Site: www.jenkinsinteriordesigngroup.com
E-Mail: mjkg1@aol.com

Streamlined Living Solutions
Owner: Pam Hughes
Goal: Pam Hughes of Streamlined Living Solutions provides peace and energy for work and play. Through workshops, consulting, and hands-on organizing she teaches you to open the door to a streamlined life.
Phone: 210-479-8815
Web Site: www.StreamlinedLiving.com
E-Mail: PamH@StreamlinedLiving.com


Organize Your Life With Webb
Owner: Stephanie Webb
Goal: Stephanie Webb with Organize Your Life With Webb can help you reduce the stress of clutter. She will create systems designed for YOU that will make your life easier and allow your life to run smoothly. Any room you can think of and she will organize it to make it work for YOU!!!
Phone: 281-250-3767
Web Site: None
E-Mail: organizeyourlifewithwebb@yahoo.com


Fruitful Solutions
Owner: Jeff Cross
Goal: Jeff Cross of Fruitful Solutions is a professional organizing company that offers consulting services to businesses. Our goal is to increase efficiency and productivity in businesses by implementing technology solutions via web programming and database development.
Phone: 903-278-0321 or 903-276-5565
Web Site: www.FruitfulSolutions.com
E-Mail: info@FruitfulSolutions.com


Arrange My Space
Owner: Jennifer Andrew
Goal: Jennifer Andrew of Arrange My Space has a team of professionals who provide organization and concierge services. They can organize anything and would love to serve your family. They also have team members who can organize photos or create amazing scrapbooks for your memories.
Phone: 214-796-6485
Web Site: www.arrangemyspace.com
E-Mail: info@arrangemyspace.com


Inspirational Organizing
Owner: Julie Janorschke
Goal: Julie Janorschke of Inspirational Organizing works with you to simplify your life. She will create organizing systems and share strategies to help you achieve your goals. She specializes in working with busy moms and families, student organizing, public speaking and workshops. She serves The Woodlands and surrounding area.
Phone: 832-510-6330
Web Site: www.inspirationalorganizing.com
E-Mail: julie@inspirationalorganizing.com

Think Inside the Boxx
Owner: Tina Hazen
Goal: My motto is: Reduce. Reorganize. Relax. As a busy mom of 3, RN and business owner, I understand how crazy life can be. I love to help people see results, save money and get organized -- once and for all.
Phone: 936-242-1480
Web Site: www.thinkinsidethebox.com
E-Mail: chazenwv@msn.com


Creative Order & Design
Owner: Lorrie Gazette
Goal: Lorrie Gazette of Creative Order & Design has as her mission to help our clients become organized by using her creative ideas and/or assistance to organize their lives, finances, homes or small businesses in order to increase their personal productivity and improve their quality of life.
Phone: 903-520-4265
Web Site: www.CreativeOrderDesign.com
E-Mail: Lorrie@CreativeOrderDesign.com

Divide & Conquer
Owner: Martha Dunlap
Goal: Martha Dunlap of Divide & Conquer organizes anything from a kitchen drawer to an estate.
Phone: 903-526-4029
Web Site: None
E-Mail: MarthaDunlap@yahoo.com

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