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One of my goals for this website is not only to provide you with great information but, if you find you have the need for one-on-one assistance, wants to help you find assistance in your area.

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Sort and Order
Owner: Avril Ekstrand
Goal: Avril Ekstrand of Sort and Order Serves the residential organizing needs of clients in the Monterey Bay area. Avril will "Sort and Order" any or all rooms in your home! Including garages, sheds and attics.
Phone: 831-626-3485
Web Site:


Let Me Rearrange You
Owner: Laura Johnson
Goal: Laura Johnson of Let Me Rearrange You transforms homes from blah to "AHH" using existing furnishings. Interior redesign and home staging are her passions; organizing is becoming another! She is a member of NAPO and IRIS.Phone: 818-707-1225
Web Site:


Ramsey Johansson, Professional Organizer
Owner: Ramsey Johansson
Goal: Ramsey Johansson, Professional Organizer, offers complete home organizing services, specializing in creating simpler, more efficient living spaces. Let her create the perfect environment for you. She will provide information, products, and support (hands-on or not) throughout the entire organization process, from sifting through the chaos to creating a fresh, healthy and balanced living space. Don't leave anything to chance. Get it right the first time. Phone: 949-813-2538
Web Site:


Billie Beldyga Organizing
Owner: Billie Beldyga
Goal: Billie Beldyga beautifully organizing every nook, cranny, closet and cupboard with a creative flair in homes and apartments throughout Santa Clarita, Lancaster and Palmdale.
Phone: 661-400-5236
Web Site:

Owner: Marion Logan
Goal: Marion Logan of Places-N-Spaces specializes in home/small business offices; garage/estate sales; relocations; travel; time management; general clutter control and works with Senior citizens.
Phone: 661-803-5070 or 661-572-2930
Web Site:


Exit Stage Right
Owner: Jeanne Smith
Goal: Jeanne Smith of Exit Stage Right pioneered the fields of Estate Organization and Assisting Executors/Trustees. She designed a computer program and workbook (see website) to document client’s estate information. Business and relocation services offered.
Phone: 650-493-3948
Web Site:


Get It Organized
Owner: John Harris
Goal: John Harris of Get It Organized can work with you to create physical space so that creativity and productivity will flow freely. He specializes in clutter and basic home and office organization. He truly enjoy my work!
Phone: 626-795-0476
Web Site:


Get Ducks In a Row
Owner: Cheryl Kaufman
Goal: Professional Home and Office Organizer in Sacramento. I help people, like you, create organized and productive offices and living spaces. Residential organizing services lead to more time to be creative and relaxed with your family. Business organizing services increase small business productivity. We provide coaching and tools to get you organized and keep you organized.
Phone/Fax: 916-206-0147
Web Site:


Control C.H.A.O.S.
Owner: Tonya Piper
Goal: Tonya Piper of Control C.H.A.O.S. can help you organize your church, home and office systems so you can have peace of mind in the spaces you spend your precious time.
Phone: 916-276-3699
Web Site:


Organize Me 2
Owner: Debra Walker
Goal: Debra Walker of Organize Me 2 will help simplify your home and life. By working together, we will create solutions that work for you and your family. Debra will help bring balance and order to any area of your home or personal life.
Phone: 916-521-2834
Web Site: None


Getting Things Done 4 U
Owner: Nancy McGivney
Goal: The greatest result of all ambition is to be happy at home.
Phone: 949-363-3908 Fax: 949-218-5212
Web Site:


Administrative Eloquence
Owner: Tes Shea
Goal: Tes Shea of Administrative Eloquence brings harmonious systemization to your home or office including creative clutter solutions, filing systems, computer organization and long term storage solutions. Why struggle with things I call fun?
Phone: 619-723-8495
Web Site:


Get OrderLee
Owner: Lee Mahla
Goal: Lee Mahla of Get OrderLee helps people simplify and clear the clutter that can hinder living out life's purpose. She creates workable systems for home or office. Lee also speaks, teaches, and writes on various organizing topics for community and church organizations.
Phone: 916-631-6881
Web Site:

Organized Habit
Owner: Natalie Conrad
Goal: Natalie Conrad of Organized Habits specializes in working with small business owners and in home offices to create a more productive environment. As a Productivity Trainer, she tailors systems for each client based on his/her needs and personality. Ms. Conrad is also available to speak to groups on the topics of organizing and productivity.
Phone: 916-607-7496
Web Site:

On Target Organizing
Owner: Heather Devivo
Goal: Heather Devivo of On Target Organizing provides professional organizing services to help simplify clients' lives, homes and spaces. She teaches clients the tools to remain organized. She serves residential and small business clients in Northern California.
Phone: 916-806-3704
Web Site:

TimeWorks Professional Organizing
Owner: Lisa Brys
Goal: Lisa Brys of TimeWorks Professional Organizing specializes in business and home-based office and general organizing. She has been organizing for 25 years; is a teacher, speaker, trainer, coach, maintainer, counselor. She is available for TV, conferences, agencies, businesses, clients, panels, seminars, classes and individuals.
Phone: 916-364-5034
Web Site:


Clutter No More, Inc.
Owner: Kevin & Lynn Hall
Goal: Kevin & Lynn Hall of Clutter No More, Inc. established 1992. The goal of CNM is helping client's gain control of their Time and Space through organizing methods that will meet the client's needs. CNM provides residential & office organizing, relocations & tangible estate organizing.
Phone: 858-485-0410
Web Site:

The Organizer Gal
Owner: Carol Sanborn
Goal: Carol Sanborn of The Organizer Gal brings reliable organizing solutions into your home or office. Let me help you clear out the clutter and create personalized systems that serve you reclaiming your time, space and peace of mind.
Phone: 858-837-1527
Web Site: None


Quickstep Organizing
Owner: Declan Cordova
Goal: Declan Cordova of Quickstep Organizing transforms clutter, chaos and mayhem to order, control and beauty in homes and offices -- an affordable proficient, experience, traditional catholic guy. Reduce stress, increase productivity; save money!
Phone: 415-652-6069
Web Site:


Ballard Organizing Services
Owner: Jill Ballard
Goal: Jill Ballard of Ballard Organizing Services specializes in relocation, senior downsizing and moves, estate organizing as well as home and office organization. Jill is a devout Catholic who tries to live her life faithful to the Gospel.
Phone: 408-828-6759
Web Site:

Superior Organizing Services
Owner: Sandra L. Fletcher
Goal: Sandra L. Fletcher of Superior Organizing Services specializes in residential and business organizing. Let Sandra help you clear out clutter, offer storage advise and useful solutions to help you keep order. Establish filing systems and procedures for processing day-to-day paperwork and filing in order to find documents later.
Phone: 510-304-9295
Web Site:


Sort Our Stuff
Owner: Sandy Andriese
Goal: Sandy Andriese of Sort Our Stuff provides paper management services, she organizes kitchens, closets, garages and other rooms in the home. She enjoys working with seniors and anyone who needs hands-on help to sort, organize & simplify.
Phone: 510-481-8331
Web Site: None


Brittney Crooks Professional Home and Office Organizing
Owner: Brittney D. Crooks
Goal: Brittney states that her business objectives are to work with clients to reduce clutter, create better organizing systems and increase the aesthetic value of their space(s) in order to more effectively serve them, their families and their ministries.
Phone: 206-595-8980
Web Site:


Organizing Peaceful Places
Owner: Heidi Parcher
Goal: Heidi Parcher of Organizing Peaceful Places helps you make your place peaceful by removing clutter, staging garage and estate sales. She spruces things up by cleaning carpets, walls and appliances. She paints, does small renovations and maximizes your space by rearranging furniture.
Phone: 818-983-1508
Web Site:


Organize. Concept. Design.
Owner: Gretchen Smith
Goal: Gretchen Smith of Organize Concept Design is about designing a living space that is as functional as it is visually appealing. Gretchen’s design goal is to increase the organization of your home while adding design elements to help you create your perfect living space.
Phone: 310-733-8566
Web Site:


Organize with Divine Style
Owner: Linda Pufford
Goal: Linda Pufford of Organize with Divine Style has the goal to organize and design systems that are customized for you and your needs; to simplify your life, give you peace of mind and a space you enjoy living or working in. Specializing in home and office organizing, time management and speaking engagements. Member; NAPO and NAPO-SFBA.
Phone: 707-578-7670
Web Site: None


Supreme Organization
Owner: Jodie Watson
Goal: Jodie Watson of Supreme Organization. Jodie's goal is to serve you with excellence; to create organizational solutions to meet your individual needs and help you simplify your life at work and at home.
Phone: 818-590-7800
Web Site:


Inspired Order
Owner: Nancy Bray
Goal: Nancy Bray of Inspired Order strives to improve her client's quality of life by helping them achieve an ordered, peaceful environment. She offers home and office organizing and specializes in small spaces and filing system set up. Nancy is also a certified budget counselor. Serving Simi, Conejo & San Fernando Valley areas.
Phone: 818-427-3707
Web Site:

Organizing Works
Owner: Heather Furlong
Goal: Heather Furlong of Organizing Works aids you in becoming organized and ultimately helps you stay organized by providing information, systems and or products customized to your needs and personality.
Phone: 805-577-8267
Web Site: None


The House Whisperer
Owner: Nancy Moyle
Goal: Nancy Moyle of The House Whisperer strives to be a blessing to those in need of organization. She believes that organization is power. Whether you need hands-on or guidance, she can help. She has an AS degree in Interior Design. Her services include home, home office, Organize to sell for home sellers, and organizational coaching.
Phone: 209-532-1130
Web Site:


Hands On Organizers
Owner: Besty Van Cohen
Goal: Betsy Van Cohen of Hands on Organizers assists her clientele in all aspects of getting organized. This may include sorting, purging, instructing, counseling or whatever tasks are holding them back form their organizing goals.
Phone: 530-541-7374
Web Site: None


Work Simplified
Owner: Stephany Smith Gonser
Goal: Stephany Smith Gonser of Work Simplified provides Business Organizing: office makeovers, paper management/file systems, clutter control, storage solutions; estate organizing: sorts & distributes household contents, locates vital documents, safeguards family memorabilia; speaking & training services: paper & time management.
Phone: 209-814-2665
Web Site:


Organizethis, Inc.
Owner: Teine (Dana) Kenny
Goal: Teine (Dana) Kenny. organizethis inc. is the premier professional organizing company in Ventura County. It's never too late to get organized, call organizethis today! (Fully insured, bonded, workers comp insurance).
Phone: 805-480-9818
Web Site:


Creative Time-Plus
Owner: Ann Gambrell
Goal: Ann Gambrell of Creative Time-Plus, a founder of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers in business since 1985. Ann presents seminars and workshops to the public. She is a writer and has written for a Copley Press newspaper and currently writes for other periodicals. Ann facilitates clutter support groups for those with serious clutter situations and has taught adult education since 1985. Subjects include clutter, paperwork and time management. She has CDs available on the subjects. Ann’s passion is teaching others and sharing in their progress.
Phone: 310-212-0917
Web Site: None

Office Overhaul
Owner: Beverly Clower
Goal: Beverly Clower of Office Overhaul is a founder of NAPO , the National Association of Professional Organizers. She organizes business and home offices, specializing in user-friendly systems for paper management. She also does home and storage organization for home office clients. Since 1982 she has worked with countless managers of large and small businesses, professionals, educators, and discriminating clients in the private sector. Unusual projects are welcomed.
Phone: 310-320-3836
Web Site: None

The Office Jeanie
Owner: Jean Furuya
Goal: Jean Furuya of The Office Jeanie specializes in business consulting, paper management, and filing systems for small businesses and home offices. She customizes systems and creates structure that work for her clients in order for them to achieve goals & realize vision, increase productivity & reduce stress, save time & money, and eliminate clutter.
Phone: 310-316-1753
Web Site: None


Clutter STOP
Owner: Sheila McCurdy
Goal: Sheila McCurdy of Clutter STOP specializes in home and home office organizing. She has expertise in helping children and adults with ADD. She offers ADD phone and in-person coaching. She is a Board Certified Professional Organizer. In business since 1993.
Phone: 909-985-4948
Web Site:


Miracle Makeover Organizing Service
Owner: Bridgette Bradley
Goal: Bridgette Bradley of Miracle Makeover Organizing Service enhances the lives of individuals by creating an organized and clutter-free environment wherein our clients gain more control over their time, space and activities, both at home and in the workplace.
Phone: 760-956-7708
Web Site:


A Way With Clutter
Owner: Selda Renteria
Goal: Selda Renteria of A Way With Clutter, can help you remove your mess to relieve your stress. By de-cluttering, reorganizing and maximizing space in your home or office you will have taken the first step in regaining control of your environment.
Phone: 831-724-6285
Web Site: None


It's About Time
Owner: Mary Lynne Murray
Goal: Mary Lynne Murray, It's About Time. The environment that we live or work in has a profound affect on the quality of life we lead. God has promised his people an abundant life, yet many are consumed with clutter and are overwhelmed with taking care of "things". Mary Lynne specializes in working with paper, chronically disorganized, and small businesses.
Phone: 925-933-9737
Web Site:


Systemize Consultants
Owner: Christina Hawkins
Goal: Christina Hawkins of Systemize provides organizing services. Phone: 818-389-7845
Web Site:


Carol Van Dyken, Professional Organizer
Owner: Carol Van Dyken
Goal: Carol Van Dyken will walk you through the process of organization, offering practical solutions that make life work better. Residential and office organizing services include: clutter control, paper management, time management, and relocation assistance.
Phone: 707-838-6621
Web Site:


Practical Solutions
Owner: Cathy Bates
Goal: Cathy Bates of Practical Solutions will listen to your needs and design a solution to meet them in your home, office, or life, freeing time and energy to enjoy life and serve God.
Phone: 909-810-3719
Web Site:

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