July 2009 Issue

It’s Summer Time. Is it hot where you are yet?

If you’ve never been to Texas, you may not truly be able to appreciate what a “hot” summer really is. North Central Texas has had 100 plus heat and high humidity now for the last two weeks of June. Phew! It was 103 today, 102 yesterday and 100 for the prior 3 days!!! Staying cool and hydrated become the main concerns for anyone who is outside longer than 10 minutes. Despite the high humidity, we’ve not had nearly enough rain to get us through the next two months. Lord willing, we will get some late summer rain. Amen!

I hope you are experiencing much more moderate summer temperatures!

Thank you for your continued interest and support of Messy Makeover Magazine. I appreciate your time. Welcome to all new subscribers this month. I hope you find this issue enjoyable and helpful.

Toodles! Shelly

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Tips in this issue:

  • Organizing a Fun Summer Party

Organizing a Fun Summer Party

Summer is a time for fun and everyone enjoys a Fun Summer Party!

Whether you're hosting a 4th of July celebration, a BBQ, pool party, family reunion, bridal shower, etc., you'll be sure to pull it all together by planning ahead. Here are some great tips for organizing your next Fun in the Sun Summer Party:

  1. Guest List Prepare your guest list early and write all the names down – don’t forget the kids. Don’t be intimidated by planning a large party. Often smaller parties require more work because you have to do all the work and fly solo. Make sure to invite people who you feel will contribute (food, decorations, clean up, etc.).

  2. Menu Whether it’s your family favorites or something new you want to try, writing the menu out will help you be more organized when it comes time to prepare your grocery shopping list. Appetizers, main course, side dishes, condiments, desserts, drinks and don’t forget the ice! Be sure to remember plates, cups and cutlery. Make sure you have enough serving spoons and serving dishes. Divide the menu among your guests. Write out the grocery list for your items so you don’t forget anything. You don’t have to do a lot of elaborate “hot” food. It’s summer . . . keep it simple, make it cool and keep it fun!

  3. Head Count Many people today have forgotten (or were never taught) what an RSVP means. Don’t hesitate to contact people who have not responded so you can get a more accurate head count for food planning purposes.

  4. Decorations Whether it’s Red/White/Blue streamers, Hawaiian leis or Tikki Torches, a theme and simple decorations will make it a treat for everyone. Decorate the day before, if possible. Check out your local Dollar Store for cute, inexpensive balloons and other party decorations. KISS (keep it simply simple) and don’t get fussy.

  5. Food Prepare as much food as you can the day before, if possible. Often hot sandwich meat and hot dips, etc. can be cooked ahead, refrigerated over night, then heated and placed in a crock pot before the party starts. Veggie and fruit trays, cold dips, deviled eggs and many desserts can be made the evening before and kept refrigerated. Have drinks ready ahead of time. Set out the sodas, tea (sugar, lemon, stir sticks), coffee (cream, sugar, stir sticks), water, punch, ice, etc. so people can help themselves.

  6. Stations Choose areas of your house for various stations: cups/drinks/ice; napkins/plates/cutlery; snack food; main dish(es)/sides; desserts. Place these in an order where you can keep the traffic flowing. Try not to create a bottle neck of people. Keep them moving! If this is a birthday, bridal shower or other party where gifts are involved, have a separate area for a guest book and gift station.

  7. Help Me! Don’t be shy about asking or accepting any help that is offered. Most people are willing to bring something. Even bachelors and singles can bring ice, cups, etc. that requires no cooking. Don’t hesitate to delegate dishes that you think would be great but you don’t like (or don’t have time) to fix. If anyone volunteers to come early and help set up or stay late and help with the clean up --- LET THEM!!!

  8. Last Minute To Do’s Put together a “To Do” list and time table. Things like mowing the law, cleaning the patio and furniture, etc. can often get over-looked until the last minute. Planning ahead will insure you don’t forget something and then feel rushed or stressed.

  9. Don’t Forget Don’t forget to have fun. It’s your party, you can have fun if you want to (and you should)!

Plan ahead, get organized, make lists but, stay cool and have fun!

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