Hello Everyone!

Spring Has Sprung (or at least it has in N. Central Texas)!

The mornings are cool and the afternoons are pleasantly warm. However, it will get to the unbearable 100's before too long. I'm determined to enjoy it and get outside as much as possible! My latest "fun" thing to do is Hula Hoop dancing. It's great fun and a great work out. If you decide to try it, I suggest you do it outside -- the adult (weighted) hoops are 43 inches!!!

Hope all of you had a great Easter weekend. My family worshiped together. The church sponsored a brunch and Easter egg hunt for the kids. We left church and went to a family get together where the grand kids got to do a second Easter egg hunt! Can we say sugar high?? :)

For those of you who feel you may have missed March's issue of Messy Makeover Magazine -- no worries-- I got so busy, I completely forgot to write one! My apologies!

Don't forget to celebrate the love for your family and our Lord. Mother's day is coming up soon as well!

Thank you for your continued interest in Messy Makeover Magazine.

Shelly Morton

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