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Happy Fall!

It's fall, but until recently in Texas, you couldn't tell. It was still in the 80's and 90's!! We're now getting our fall rain and temperatures are in the 70's and 80's. What a pleasant change.

At some point, the switch will be flipped and we'll get our usual month or two of temperatures in the 30's. I have been known, however, to hang Christmas lights in December wearing a T-shirt and shorts due to the heat!

Hope your weather is seasonably pleasant for your area.

The holidays will soon be upon us and it's time to prepare.

Last month, I provided tips to help you prepare for Thanksgiving. If you are a new subscriber and missed that issue, you can access that information in the newsletter archives (use the link at the end of this newsletter).

This month we'll focus on preparing for Christmas. I hate to say it, but I'm well on my way to preparing for it. Since I'm a newly wed and moved into a new home, the preparations this year will be entirely different, and I can't wait to have the festivities at my house.

Hope you and your family are safe, well and happy!

In this issue:



    Nothing is more precious than a newborn child! What a wonderful gift from God!! These infant safety tips are provided to keep your precious baby safe and healthy.

    The tips below are only a partial list. Go to Infant Safety Tips for a complete listing and other valuable information.

    Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

    1. Use a firm mattress in the baby's crib
    2. Use crib sheets that fit snug and tight
    3. Do not place pillows or stuffed toys in the area baby is sleeping
    4. Avoid using fluffy blankets, pillows or other items that could create an "air dam"
    5. Do not put baby to sleep on a waterbed or other surface that is not firm
    6. Baby should sleep on his/her back

    Prevent Drowning

    1. Never leave a child unattended while bathing, not even for a minute
    2. Let the phone ring or let the machine take a message
    3. If you have to answer the phone, take baby with you
    4. Plan your bathing time when there is the least possibility of interruptions to your schedule
    5. Don't make an older sibling responsible for the safety of a small baby in the bathtub or around water -- children get distracted easily
    6. Be sure to have adequate fencing and child proof locks if you have a pool, Jacuzzi, pond or other body of water on your property
    7. Make sure the fence slats are spaced close enough together so that a small toddler cannot squeeze through the opening
    8. Supervise your children when cleaning -- don't allow them around buckets of water (indoors or outside)

    Prevent Falling Accidents

    1. Don't leave your baby alone on a high surface without proper barriers to prevent him/her from rolling off
    2. Keeping baby in a crib with sides locked in the upright position without pillows or toys is usually the safest place for a newborn
    3. Keep one hand on your baby at all times when they are on a high surface -- they can roll off very quickly
    4. Be sure to utilize proper baby gates or other barriers to keep baby away from stairways and other dangerous areas

    Prevent Choking

    1. Keep any and all small objects out of reach of baby, especially small toys that belong to older siblings
    2. Don't put the baby's pacifier on a string or cord
    3. Don't feed pieces of hard candy to babies and small children as they can easily block airways
    4. Make sure toys are age appropriate
    5. Avoid toys with cords or pull strings
    6. Keep balloon ribbons/strings and curtain and mini blind cords away from babies and small children
    7. Don't use latex or rubber balloons for children under the age of five

    Other Infant Safety Items

    1. Make sure cribs and playpens meet current safety standards. Check the Internet for safety recalls
    2. Be careful about using bumper pads as they could cause smothering
    3. Keep mattress in lowest position in the crib so that baby cannot climb out
    4. Never use plastic bags of any type of a crib mattress
    5. Keep the Poison Control Center telephone number near all telephones in your house. Consider storing the number on your cell phone as well. National hotline number is 1-800-222-1222
    6. Keep household plants (indoor and outdoor varieties) out of reach as many of them are poisonous
    7. Use child resistant caps that are securely fastened on all medicines
    8. Put child proof locks on all cabinets
    9. Store household chemicals and cleaning products in a high shelf or cabinet out of reach of babies and small children
    10. Don't smoke around your baby and don't let others do so, either. Try to smoke only outside as smoke can cling to everything in the home, especially fabrics. Don't smoke in the car for the same reasons. Smoking in small enclosed areas increases second hand smoke exposure to everyone even if you open a window. For your health and the health of those you love, consider quitting and get help if needed.

      Use the infant safety tips to keep you, your children, and those you love safe.


      Preparing for Christmas is called Advent in the Christian Church. It is a time to prepare yourself as well as your home.

      These tips on preparing for Christmas will help you enjoy it more and stress less. Go to's main site for other helpful preparation and storage tips.

      Tis the season to be planning . . . (I'll spare you my version of e-singing!!) . . .

      1. Mark parties, concerts and tasks for the entire season for everyone on the family calendar so you won't miss a special event or party. Include time to clean, bake, wrap, decorate, shop and worship with your family
      2. Clean out your pantry, freezer and refrigerator.
      3. Go through your gift wrap stash. Throw away unuseable items. Make a list of what you need. Purchase a gift wrap organizer.
      4. Plan what you will be cooking this holiday season. Check your pantry for ingredients you have on hand. Make a list of what you need. Purchase non-perishable items as far in advance as possible.
      5. Make your gift list and check it twice! Shop early to get the best selections.
      6. Consider others that are less fortunate and donate to a charitable group
      7. Begin your decorating as soon as possible.
      8. Bake as many items ahead of time as possible. Have plenty of aluminum foil, plastic zip bags and wax paper on hand.
      9. Prepare as many "make-ahead" dishes as possible and freeze them. If unexpected company arrives, you'll be prepared.
      10. 2 days before Christmas -- Defrost If you've purchased your turkey or ham frozen, defrost now in the refrigerator. Don't defrost in the sink.
      11. Christmas Eve -- Recheck packages for missing bows and tags -- replace if needed. Set the table tonight to save time tomorrow.
      12. If traveling to different houses for gift exchanges, divide the presents into areas by the locations they will be delivered to. Put the smaller items in tote bags so they won't be misplaced.
      13. Take out frozen baked goods to defrost.
      14. Christmas Day -- Celebrate and enjoy the "season" of Christmas


      I know this has happened to every adult who does laundry. You put your freshly washed socks in the dryer only to find out (when the dryer buzzer goes off) that one or more sock mates have escaped!

      This is such a problem they even have a holiday designated for it! Believe it or not, I recently found out that every May 9th is Lost Sock Memorial Day!

      As much as I like celebrating holidays, I think I'll pass on this one. With this month's product, I think we can stop planning for our next Lost Sock Memorial Day . .

      SOCKpro® is a wonderful invention. It will save you the aggravation of sorting and matching socks. You will never have to sort socks again.

      Here's how it works:

      STEP 1 Place a dirty pair of socks through the SOCKpro® and toss them into the laundry. STEP 2 Your socks and SOCKpro® are laundered with your wash loads as usual. STEP 3 Your socks go back in the drawer (with or without the SOCKpro® -- you choose).

      The SOCKpro® products were created with convenience in mind and will save you time and money. Here's what I like about them:

      1. They have a soft flexible design
      2. They fit a variety of sock sizes
      3. They are entirely colorfast
      4. They are durable for use in both the washer and dryer
      5. They are available in 5 colors (this allows you to color code socks for individuals if you wish to)
      6. There have been no complaints associated with use of the product and a "dirt ring" on the socks
      Check the SOCKpro® site for more information. The company has been in business for 7 years.

      If you try them and wish to leave a product review on, contact me.

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      1. Laundry Room Organizers
      2. Preparing for the New Year
      3. Product Review (another surprise)

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